B-128 Pergola

The B-128 pergola, a minimalistic aluminium terrace cover, consists of a tightly stretched canvas based on ZIP-screen technology. The system keeps the canvas tightly stretched with efficient tension mechanisms in the side guides for wind resistance, so without sides flapping up. This smooth surface and the minimal slope of 15cm/m ensures that every drop of rain quickly flows into the invisibly integrated gutter in the front profile. The poles are fastened at the very front. The rainwater can then be drained off in the support poles. If desired, these support poles can be placed further back in order to facilitate a crossing. This crossing is a maximum of 1/3 of the total extension, with a maximum of 1 metre. The water can then only drain off through the poles if the front louvre is at the same height as the support pole.

The B-128 pergola is available with optional powerful white (dimmable) LED lighting. This can be assembled in the side guides, the supporting posts or under the support beam. It is controlled with their respective transmitters. In addition to the white LED lighting, RGB LED lighting is available for the frame, of which the intensity of colour can be controlled.

Have you seen our B128 outdoor living pergola product video?