Suffering from the autumn blues? Tank up with energy thanks to your terrace roof


Energetic right through the autumn under your terrace roof

During the months of autumn we feel tired more often and less energetic than during the warm summer months. After all, we have less daylight and our energy levels decline to some extent. We associate the month of November only too often with being a dark and sombre month. We would rather stay in bed and hibernate. But nothing is less true. Sociability is what it’s all about during the month of November! Just think of pretty autumn decorations, reading a good book under a soft coverlet, some nice candles, tasty stews, taking a brisk hike through nature warmly wrapped up and enjoying the magnificent colours of autumn… Because going outside frequently, or sitting under your Outdoor Living Pod, eating healthily and plenty of movement can lift depressed feelings

Enjoy the fresh outdoor air under your pergola

Luckily there are various ways of coping with these seasonal variations and for us to feel energetic once more. Think of taking a breath of fresh air, enjoying being outdoors under your terrace roof, possibly with a nice cup of hot chocolate. 

In addition, try to move sufficiently - half an hour of walking per day is already enough to get you feeling energetic once more. For example, take a walk with a colleague during your lunch break. Always opt for healthy meals, such as autumn greens - healthy and really tasty. But, apart from sufficient exercise, enough sleep is also important in order to create a good biorhythm. Go to sleep at the same time every day, even at the weekends.

Outdoor living during the cosy autumn months 

Autumn can provide magical scenes - consider richly coloured carpets of leaves and the magnificent colours of autumn. So go out warmly wrapped up in a thick pullover for a long walk or cycle tour, and enjoy the wide range of colours. Because if you move enough and take exercise, you undoubtedly feel more energetic and fitter. Afterwards enjoy a relaxing hot bath. 

Spend plenty of time outside

During autumn, it is important to spend as much time outside as possible. Your Outdoor Living Pod can help you in this regard. Daydreaming with a good book under your pergola, enjoying a nice mug of hot chocolate or a tasty bowl of autumn soup, making decorations like a cheerful autumn centrepiece with leaves, pine cones, candles… Or playing parlour games, looking at photos and reminiscing about pleasant times… It can all be done in the healthy outdoor air. Simply turn on the atmospheric LED lighting of your terrace roof, make use of the terrace heaters and lower the screens. Or we do a few odd jobs to prepare our garden for the winter. We protect our garden furniture, clean our tools, drain the garden hose and rake up the leaves.

Also enjoy every last minute that the sun shows itself and try to spend an hour outside every day. In this way you won’t give winter depression any chance!