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13 Jan 2020

VIDEO: 3 Brustor products at a glance

Do you want to enjoy your garden to the maximum this summer? An outdoor living pergola is the ultimate solution if you want more than merely create some shade. But you may not know which terrace roof you should choose? Then we are happy to help you make the right choice for your home thanks to our 3 product videos. Watch them here!

1.  The advantages of a patio awning and the assets of a pergola in one product : B128 Pergola

The B128 pergola is a minimalistic and stylish pergola. The refined design avoids loss of light in your home and ensures a panoramic view of the garden. A combination of the advantages of a patio awning and the assets of a pergola in 1 product.

2. The most versatile of all patio roofs: B200 (XL) Bioclimatic Pergola

B200_Antraciet_Zwembad B200_Antraciet_Zwembad

The Brustor B200 (XL) is definitely the most versatile terrace roof in our range. You can place this terrace roof with louvered roof in the most various combinations : Single, fixed to the wall, built-in, coupled, in star- or L-shape, with any possible option. In this way every large terrace surface can be provided with a customized roof.

3. Maximum sunlight and a super compact louver package: B600 Terrace Covering

Have we already told you that the louvers of the Brustor B600 cans slide fully open? In this way you enjoy all the benefits of this terrace covering in the summer and in the off-season you slide the louvers fully open, which ensures no loss of light for any underlying spaces.

B600_wit_wervik B600_wit_wervik

These weatherproof, aluminium patio roofs have all the features needed to enjoy outdoor living all year round and to get the most out of your garden. Ask for your free quotation now!