B1100 ZIP Solar

solar powered screen: sustainable & practical

A novelty in the Brustor range is a solar powered screen. For this sustainable solution we are keen on using a natural source of energy in order to power the screen. It is also ideal for those locations where power supply is impossible

The motor driving the screen is powered by a battery, that is in its turn powered by sun rays. The battery catches the sun rays through a solar panel. The energy stored in the battery ensures that the  B1100 / B1350 ZIP Solar screen can keep working on both sunny as on somewhat more cloudy days. 

The solar powering is a sustainable solution and therefore above all good for the environment. Moreover, for the Brustor solar screens you do not need any electrical wiring. E.g. in a bedroom on the top floor of a house this might be a welcome solution. Thanks to the patented ZIP rail the screen fabric is perfectly tight in the guide rails, which is very windproof. It is important though that the solar panel is freely exposed to sun rays at any time.

The mounting of this type of screens is very straightforward, as no major demolition work needs to be done. In this way the Brustor solar screen scan be applied both for new constructions and renovations.

• Max. 3,5m large x 3m high
• Available in a square cassette of 110 or 135 mm
• Windproof sun protection
• Simple mounting
• Sustainable solution
• Choice from 5 standard colours / other RAL colours optional