B-128 Veranda

The B-128 veranda is a variant of the B-128 pergola whereby the ZIP screen is fastened on top of the veranda.

The B-128 veranda, just like the B-128 pergola, consists of a tightly stretched canvas based on ZIP-screen technology. The canvas with the B-128 veranda is only sun-shading. The poles have been replaced by supports that are directly fastened to the veranda roof. The guides are then fixed to the supports. To keep the canvas tight a standard canvas support is also provided from a 3 metre extension. The B-128 veranda has no LED lighting in the

guides nor in the canvas support. The B-128 verandas can be installed tightly side by side thanks to a set of specially developed supports. The side guide can also directly be fixed to the side wall. Operation can be either by remote control or a manual switch.