Are you looking for attractive lighting for your garden? Integrate LED lighting into your pergola

Patio canopy or pergola, awning or screen: the benefits of natural light ingress

Natural light and sunlight are essential elements in our lives and offer only benefits. Sunlight puts us in a good mood, ensures a natural biorhythm, strengthens our skeletal system in a natural way and heightens our concentration and creativity. Thanks to our wide range of sunshades you will be able to bask in the sun and take in healthy, fresh air at every moment of the day.

Sunset theatre

But what happens when night starts to fall and it becomes a little darker? No problem at all! Brustor pergolas and awnings can be equipped with a wide range of lighting options: direct or indirect, up and down light – or even both. A dimmable white or RGB LED strip or LED spotlight. This attractive mood lighting is sure to give your patio that little extra bit of luxury.

Your patio awning + mood lighting = the perfect combination

Not only is it more pleasant to sit beneath a lighted pergola when it gradually starts to get darker; the integrated LED lighting immediately creates the perfect, intimate atmosphere. Equally ideal for a family party, a romantic dinner or a drink with your friends. Illuminating your pergola with integrated LED lighting has several benefits:

  • LED lighting is energy-efficient and sustainable.
  • No visible cabling
  • Easy to operate by remote control or even with a smartphone
  • The lighting can be dimmed to create the perfect mood
  • No UV rays, which keeps your furniture from fading
  • No need for additional lighting in your garden
  • Choice of direct/indirect, white or RGB light

Direct lighting accentuates, while indirect lighting will create a more open impression. However, they can easily be combined. The whiteness of light is expressed in degrees Kelvin. The higher the value, the whiter the light. This varies between warm white and neutral white. The light value of Brustor LED lighting tends to approach neutral white (3,500°) rather than warm white (2,750°). You can also choose from a rainbow of colours with our RGB LED lighting.

New: LED strips in the louvres of B-600 patio awnings

You can now integrate LED strips into the rotating louvres of the B-600 for an even more appealing ambiance. Are you interested to find out which lighting is best suited for which pergola? Consult our brochure.

LED lighting options for your awning

There are also several LED lighting options available for Brustor awnings. You can opt for lighting underneath the cassette, which will also illuminate your patio when the cassette is closed. Our elite models can be equipped with LED lighting in the top and bottom arms, while a LED spotlight can be integrated into the elbow joint of our prestige models’ retractable arms.

Choose your preferred LED lighting option now and let’s light up the night!