Toldo empresarial, ideal para el mercado de proyectos

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El toldo B-40 es extremadamente adecuado para el mercado de proyectos. Sobre la base de la familia B-35, este toldo tiene un diseño redondeado.

B300 pergola with folding roof

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geopende B-300 terrasoverkapping in antraciet met vouwdoek boven het terras

The B-300 is a highly aesthetical aluminum outdoor living space with a waterproof PVC or Acrylic fabric sliding cover. The fabric can be partially or completely opened for optimal incoming sunlight.

3 patio awnings side by side

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Nice result of 3 terrace spaces with identical B-38 patio awnings. With the valance that reaches up to 1m30, it is able to clear the terrace completly of sunlight.

Pérgola metálica con screens

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Outdoor Living Pod Brustor  vertical blinds  Pergola and options

Enjoy the schadow on your terras with an Outdoor Living Pod and vertical blinds in option.

Independiente pérgola de lamas

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stand alone pergola stand alone outdoor living pod Brustor  sun canopy

Freestanding outdoor living pod, the perfect solution when wall-mounted pergola isn't possible.

Pérgola / Screens / Windblocker

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outdoor living pod roller blinds and windblocker

Combination Outdoor Living Pod, vertical blinds and windblocker for a maximum of schaduw on your terrace.

Pérgola módulo acoplado

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coupled outdoor living pod in lenght and width for big terras  pergola Brustor

This outdoor living pod is coupled in the lenght and tne width and covered bigger surfaces.

B200 (XL) Louvered Roof

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louvered roof with orientable louvres Brustor B200

Pictures by Komilfo AMC Grasse (G. Doublet).

Pérgola con Windblocker

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This Windblocker was mounted to the support pole of a B-127 Pergola. Through this combination, one is protected on the terrace from sun, wind and the view of neighbours.

Pérgola Alumnio Restaurante

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outdoor living pod for restaurant and catering sector  pergola Brustor

Enjoy a delicious diner in the best conditions with this outdoor living pod. 

Pérgola Bioclimática Piscina

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Even in bad weather it's enjoyable in this pool house: the glass walls provide protection against wind and weather without obstructing the view. When weather is nice, the sliding walls can be put back open. This outdoor living/pergola is attached to the property,

Toldos Terraza interiore

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conservatory roof blinds

Under verandas and inclined glass surfaces, the summers can be quite hot sometimes. Therefore sun protection is of great importance. Even for conservatories with irregular shape Brustor offers a solution.

Casa moderna con ZIP screens

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This property is fully equipped with ZIP screens, their square housing fits very well with the modern style. The unique zip system of the vertical blinds keeps insects out and easily withstands wind speeds of 6 Beaufort.

Pérgola bioclimática & Jacuzzi...

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Relaxing in the jacuzzi, that's enjoying life. The pergola roller blinds create the desired privacy and the tilting louvres on the Outdoor Living Pod keep the bright sun away, or allow you to stare at the stars at night...

Pérgola Techo corredizo

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sliding cover pergola  outdoor living pod with sliding roof Brustor

A sliding cover Pergola to fully enjoy the sun or be protected when the sunlight is too intense or when it's raining. 

ZIP screen Terraza interiore

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In this open veranda, you have throughout the year that outdoor feel without compromising on comfort. And the ZIP screens/vertical blinds protect you against sun and insects.

Toldo estetico

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aesthetic awning B50

An aesthetic awning for a shady oasis on each terrace. 

Toldos Terraza

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B25 patio awning

Brustor has an awning for every façade or application: very wide patio awnings made of one piece or on the contrary of 2 parts with a lower roll. Stormproof robust awnings or flexible drop arm awnings.

Pérgola de lamas / Sector hostelero

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Catering Outdoor Living Pod  Pergola for restaurant and terrace  Brustor

Outdoor Living Pod are also really interessant for restaurant or shops. Your clients will always be protected.

Cable screen

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store enrouleur cable de guidage Brustor  zonwering screen kabelscreen

The steel side guides of the cable screen are a stylish alternative to the standard external roller blinds. Functional and decorative.

Pérgola colores de Windows

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pergola with colors of your brand  colored outdoor living pod Brustor

Outdoor Living Pod with the colors of Windows / Exhibition South of France

Indoor screen / Estores enrollables

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Indoor vertical blinds  Indoor screen Brustor  window blinds indoor

These indoor vertical blinds provide shadow and privacy. In addition, the indoor screens can be discreetly integrated.

Construction projects - Blinds

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bouwprojecten screen Brustor  store enrouleur pour entreprise

The external roller blinds are perfect for larger construction projects (companies, apartments, retirement homes, ...). They prevent the reflection of the sun on your computer screen or create the desired privacy.

Pérgola adosada con techo

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lean to pergola

The B-500 Outdoor Living Pod is a lean-to pergola with a pitched roof.

Toldo y estores screens

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B25 Prestige awning with roller blinds

Perfect combination of patio awning with external roller blinds. 

Awning mounted to ceiling

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Sometimes it is easier to mount an awning to the ceiling. The B-20 and B-21 patio awnings (depending on the desired inclination) are ideal for this purpose.

Orangery - Conservatory blinds

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In order to keep temperature under control in the summer, this glass party hall is provided with B-126 conservatory awnings. 

Screen / Estores enrollables

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external roller blinds  ZIP screen Brustor  insect resistant vertical blinds

The ZIP Screen is a vertical windproof screen. Its unique zip system keeps the fabric perfectly locked in the side guides under al circumstances. Even with a wind speed of 6 Beaufort it doesn't flinch.

Toldos con faldilla variable

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Variable valance on patio awnings for more shadow  awning Brustor

The roll up valance of the B-38 blocks the low sun and provides extra privacy. The varuabke valance can disappear completely into the lead rail.

Pérgola con lamas

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Pergola met lamellen Brustor b-200 aluminium terrasoverkapping terras

The Brustor roof constructions with tilting louvres are providing optimal sunshine, sufficient shading or a pleasant ventilation. 

Toldos Verticales Modernos

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Modern patio awning

These retractable patio awnings distinguish with their contemporary rectangular shape. These awnings are perfect for modern houses.

Pérgola bioclimática acoplada

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The outdoor livings pods can be coupled in the length and/or width, depending on the model. So an even larger surface area can be covered. Moreover, the elements can be operated separately.

Pérgola metálica Restaurante

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outdoor living pod restaurant

Increase warmth with appropriate decoration under your Outdoor Living Pod and give your custormers a homly feeling.

Pérgola adosada / acoplada

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The style of this lean-to pergola fits seamlessly into the modern home. The two coupled modules of outdoor living pods provide a larger covered area. Where possible, support poles were omitted and the pergola leans against the wa

Pérgola de lamas / acoplada

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coupled outdoor living pod

Multiple roofs Outdoor Living Pod perfect for large terrace. 

Pérgola metálica Balcón

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outdoor living pod for balcony

The outdoor living pod can perfectly be integrated on your roof terrace or balcony. This way, the pergola can also serve as sun protection for inside: the high midday sun is blocked, whereas a low spring or autumn sun can pass through.

Toldos Terraza Restaurante

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brustor patio awning for horeca sector  sun protection awning restaurant

Patio awnings are also really useful for restaurants. 

Outdoor Living Pod / Glass Wall

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outdoor living pod glass wall

An outdoor Living Pod with glass wall : the perfect solution to protect your customers, even when the weather is bad.

Toldos Hosteleria & Tiendas

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awning for shops and catering

The Brustor patio awnings are an elegant solution for your business. They protect your shop window or terrace from the sun, and with the appropriate heating elements you always have a pleasant terrace, even on cooler days. 

Pérgola adosada & Screens

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This outdoor living pod is built against the facade of the house, so you can easily go in and out and at one time it keeps the bright sunlight out of the home. 

Patio awning Guesthouse

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The stylish patio awnings form a nice link between the house and the guesthouse. Your guests will enjoy the outdoors ...

Independiente pérgola / Piscina

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white poolhouse aluminium structure outdoor living pod

This B-200 pool house/pergola creates a pleasant space to relax at the pool. Thanks to the door profile you can easily enter the pool house when the vertical blinds (screens) are closed.