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27 May 2024

Create the ultimate outdoor experience for your customers

On hot summer days, you want your customers to have a wonderful time on your outdoor terrace while they’re enjoying a delicious meal or sipping at a refreshing beverage. However, the blazing sun can get in the way of that pleasant experience. An awning offers the ideal solution to this problem, providing your customers a well-shaded area on your outdoor terrace.

B128 Pergola wth fabric roof for hospitality B128 Pergola wth fabric roof for hospitality

A pleasant stay, both inside & outside

Awnings are really convenient when your outdoor terrace is attached to your business. They can easily be mounted on the facade and provide shade to a large terrace or corner (depending on the model). Moreover, it also makes a huge difference in terms of temperature, not only to those outside but also to those inside.

Additional visibility in the streets

At Brustor, it’s possible to add a straight or wavy fixed valance to your awning. They’re used for printing the name of your hospitality business or logo, giving you additional visibility in the streets. Furthermore, it also helps you to protect your shop-window against the low sun and offers both inside and outside guests more privacy.

Straight valance on awning Straight valance on awning

We’re convinced our awnings can add value to your outdoor terrace. Did you know each model has its own style? Do you want a modern look? Then go for the B27. Do you prefer something more classic? Then the B25 is what you're looking for. Remember that you can always choose the color of the fabric. That’s how you match the awning to your windows and doors or make your outdoor terrace stand out with a bright color.

B25 with colourful canvas for the hospitality industry B25 with colourful canvas for the hospitality industry
B27 with lighting in hospitality sector ©Carribean Blinds B27 with lighting in hospitality sector ©Carribean Blinds

Until the sun goes down

Do you want to offer your guests the ultimate outdoor experience in the evening too? Then you should know our awnings can also be equipped with atmospheric LED lighting (either under the housing or arms) or a powerful patio heater. That way, you get the most out of your outdoor terrace and your customers can sit outside longer: everybody happy!

Oh, and did you know that our awnings roll up automatically in the housing? That’s is a huge advantage, as you no longer have to lug with sunshades when the weather turns bad.

Brustor Sun Protection Brochure

What are you waiting for?

Glance through our Sun Protection brochure and get inspired