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Brustor B720 header
Brustor B720 header
07 Dec 2022

Discover the new B700 family!

Starting in fall 2022, you can turn to Brustor for two brand new patio covers. The B700 and B720 introduce the fixed roof within the Brustor collection. This increases the flexibility of the patio covers. Letโ€™s give you a brief introduction!

B720: The ultimate outdoor living with fixed roof and louvers

Two roofs in one

The B720 is a combination of the B700 and the popular B200 louvered roof. So, the roof consists of a fixed part and a part with tilting louvers. This allows you to use the patio cover for multiple applications.

B720 Glass and louvered roof pergola B720 Glass and louvered roof pergola

All the benefits a patio cover has to offer

For the fixed roof, you can choose between glass and sandwich panels. These different roof types each come with their own advantages. A glass roof forms a skylight when it is attached, allowing you to enjoy optimal incidence of light, without losing the advantages of the louvers. Thatโ€™s killing two birds with one stone!

In addition, both the glass and the synthetic roof can be transformed into a pool house or a storage space to neatly store your garden furniture, barbecue or swimming pool equipment. So, you don't lose space in your garden by having to provide both a gazebo and patio cover. They come with two in one.

This is also an incredible advantage for the hospitality industry. No more dragging sunshades in sunny weather. And managers can provide a space under the patio cover to safely store their equipment.

The tilting louvers makes sure that you can choose how much sun, shade, and ventilation you want at any time of day.

Brustor B720 GlasLamellen Brustor B720 GlasLamellen

The ultimate outdoor life

The B720 is based on the frame of the B200 (XL). That means that you can choose from the full personalization package. You get to choose between numerous RAL colors to match the patio cover to the architecture of your home. The optional LED lighting ensures wonderful evenings and, with optional integrated ZIP screens, you can also enjoy the outdoors in less favorable weather conditions. Furthermore, you can also choose a patio heater, electrical outlets, and bluetooth speakers, which allows you to customize the B720 to your needs.

Want to know more? Read on here.


B700: goodbye louvers, hello fixed roof

Ultimate incidence of light

Unlike the other patio covers, the B700 comes with a fully fixed roof. This roof consists of glass or sandwich panels. You can choose according to your needs. A sandwich panels roof can serve as a beautiful carport. Do you prefer glass? Then you get, just like the B720, an optimal incidence of light in your home.

Brustor B700 - glasdak Brustor B700 - glasdak

New applications

The possibilities of the patio cover are greatly expanded by the fixed roof. You get a dry space to store your garden furniture and, with a glass roof, you have an open feeling. The B700 is therefore an ideal alternative to a glass sun lounge or can be a stylish jacuzzi roof or carport.

Personalize to your heart's content

Just like the B720, the B700 is based on the frame of the B200 (XL). Therefore, the personalization possibilities remain. A customized RAL color to match your home, integrated ZIP screens, atmospheric LED lighting, patio heating, bluetooth speakers, and power outlets. Configure the entire patio cover to your liking and enjoy the ultimate outdoor living experience!

De B700 en B720 zijn vanaf najaar 2022 beschikbaar bij de erkende Brustor verdelers.


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