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30 May 2024

Project H: The B25 Elite rocks it old school, so fresh and so cool indoors and out

Retractable awnings do more than just shade your patio. They also block the sun, keeping your home’s indoor temperature liveable. These homeowners made the Brustor B25 Elite awning their own and are making the most of this twin advantage. On sunny days, they get to relax on their shady terrace and stay cool indoors.

The 25 Elite awning is a proven solution from Brustor’s articulated awning range. The classic, closed housing matches countless architectural styles and offers greater protection with its retractable shade cloth. Consequently, this awning isn’t just stylish, it also guarantees a long life in keeping with Brustor’s firm commitment to durable and sustainable sun shading solutions.

The screen is a snap to operate electrically, allowing you to create the right shade whenever you want. An outdoor lunch or dinner on a blissfully shaded terrace is as easy as the press of a button. Even indoor temps remain liveable thanks to the B25 Elite. That’s because your awning doesn’t just keep the sun off your patio. It also keeps those rays out of your house, making slow heat creep a thing of the past.

Match this stylish awning to your home’s unique look. Check out how the awning coordinates with this project home's colour palette. What’s more, you can integrate LED lighting to enjoy outdoor life late into the evening, mellowly lit with ambient garden lighting.

Has the B25 Elite awning captured your heart? Contact a local Brustor dealer now for more info.