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Place your design on a photo of your own terrace and see how your modern, custom-made aluminium patio roof will look in practice.
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Brustor ZIP screens
Brustor ZIP screens

Design of the screen

Brustor ZIP screens can be completely personalised to your wishes and home. Not only the colour, the fabric, and the options of your screen are important, also the design plays an important role in your choice. Brustor screens are available in a compact semi-circular (SR) and/or square (C) design for modern homes. The exception is the B1200 ZIP build-in screen which is only available with a rectangular 165mm x 120mm case, because the screencase and side guides can be fully integrated in your house. 

ScreenSemi-circular (SR)Square (C)
 Brustor ZIP screens SR uitvoeringBrustor ZIP screens C uitvoering
B108585 x 85mm85 x 85mm
B1100 110 x 110mm110 x 110mm
B1350-135 x 135mm
B1100 Solar-110 x 110mm
B1350 Solar-135 x 135mm
Brustor sun-resistant ZIP screens Brustor sun-resistant ZIP screens