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Choose your sky! Join the trend of modular patio covers and choose what your roof looks like. Read all about our modular roofs here.

Brustor terrasoverkappingen met doekdak
Brustor terrasoverkappingen met doekdak

Fabric roof pergolas

Why choose a pergola with retractable fabric roof?

A fabric roof pergola makes sure that the light doesn’t get blocked inside the house. By sliding open or closing the fabric roof, you have full control of the amount of shade at all times. And, last but not least, all our fabrics are resistant to sun, rain, wind, and dirt – basically any type of Belgian weather.

  • Optimal incidence of light in the home
  • Choose your own amount of shade
  • Resistant to sun, rain, wind and dirt

Types of fabric roof pergolas

B128 fabric roof pergola

The B128 is an attached pergola with retractable fabric roof. It’s best known for its minimalist design and patented zip system, as a result of which it basically disappears into the landscape. And because of its retractable roof, you can choose your own amount of shade while the light in your house remains intact. What’s more? The B128 can also be equipped with an automated solar-powered valance, so you can even enjoy the right amount of shade at dusk.

Brustor B128 Pergola Brustor B128 Pergola

B128 XL fabric roof pergola

You can tell the B128 XL is the big brother of the B128. This fabric roof pergola has a more robust design and comes with numerous extra options. The frame of the B128 XL is based on the frame of the B200, but with the fabric roof of the B128. Its fabric remains taut thanks to a patented zip system. And thanks to the integrated screens (optional), you can enjoy your garden at any time of day.

Brustor B128 (XL) Pergola with retractable roof Brustor B128 (XL) Pergola with retractable roof

B300 pergola with harmonica fabric

The B300 pergola with harmonica fabric brings together the advantages of a stand-alone pergola and a fabric roof pergola. The frame provides a sturdy roof which, in combination with the harmonica fabric, provides the right amount of shade at all times. In need of more light? Then you can fold the roof like a harmonica with a push-button starter. In addition, you can fully personalize the roof with screens, functional or atmospheric LED lighting, and a patio heater.

Brustor B300 pergola with folding roof Brustor B300 pergola with folding roof

Use our convenient 3D simulator

Wondering if a retractable pergola is your cup of tea? With our free 3D simulator, you can design the retractable pergola of your dreams in no time and place it on a picture of your lovely garden. Create your own unique patio roof using a wide range of extra options and send your final design to your local Brustor dealer at the end of the simulation. This way, the dealer has all the necessary information to make sure a customized quote is coming your way.

Interested in a Brustor patio cover with a fabric roof?

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