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Brustor terrasoverkappingen met lamellen
Brustor terrasoverkappingen met lamellen

Louvered roof pergolas

Why choose a louvered roof pergola?

As a louvered roof pergola consists of interconnected louvers that can be tilted and/or slid open, adjusting light and shade becomes child's play. It gives you complete control to determine the incidence of light and temperature, so you can enjoy your terrace and the open air to the fullest. Moreover, the louvers provide natural ventilation: when tilted, you keep out the sun while the heat can easily escape from under the pergola. And thanks to additional options such as atmospheric LED lighting, integrated screens and patio heating, you can stay outside on cooler days and evenings.

  • Choose the ideal amount of sun or shade.
  • Enjoy natural ventilation under your pergola.
  • Stay outside even on cooler days and evenings.

Types of louvered patio covers

Pergolas with tilting louvers

As the name already implies, you can tilt the louvers on the roof of this type of canopy. It not only provides the perfect play of light and shadow, but also gives a modern look to your garden. We can build it either attached to your house, built-in or stand-alone – depending on your preference. Discover our finest patio roofs with tilting louvers here: B160XL, B200 (XL), B250 XL

Pergolas with sliding louvers

With a sliding louvered roof, you enjoy the best of both worlds: you can both tilt and slide open the louvers. This not only creates the perfect shade, but also ensures the maximum amount of light in your house when opened. Did you know that our canopies with sliding louvers are unique? They have compact s-shaped louvers that only take up 13% of the roof when fully opened. So, you get a minimal package of louvers for a maximum incidence of light. Discover our outstanding canopy with sliding louvers here: B600S (with integrated screens)

Pergolas with a louvered glass roof

With this innovative roofing system, you can combine a fixed roof section in glass or sandwich panels with a roof section in tilting louvers. This brand-new product offers endless possibilities. For example, you can cover your patio in such a way that your garden furniture stays dry while daylight can still be brought into your home. All of this in combination with the advantages of tilting louvers. Discover our brand-new canopy with a louvered glass roof here: B720

Configure and personalise your pergola with louvered roof

Use our convenient 3D simulator

Wondering how a louvered roof patio cover would look like in your garden? From now on, you can design the louvered roof pergola of your dreams and place it on a picture of your lovely garden. With our free 3D simulator, it’s easy as ABC: configure the canopy that matches your needs, try out different RAL colors to match the structure and the louvers to your windows, and add extra options for maximum comfort. If you would like to receive an offer free of engagement, you can always send your final design to a Brustor dealer nearby at the end of the simulation. This way, the dealer has all the necessary information to make a customized quote for you.

Personalise to your heart's content

There’s a wide range of options which will turn your patio into a haven of peace: integrated LED lighting, LED spots, patio heaters, screens, bluetooth speakers and/or power outlets. Remember that each Brustor patio cover can be personalized, so it matches your needs and suits your garden.

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