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Create a 3D simulation of your future patio cover

Wondering what a patio cover might look like in your garden? The convenient Brustor 3D simulator gives you a sneak peek of your new pergola! It’s easy and 100% free!

Configure your personal patio cover

Would you like a patio cover but have no idea how to get started?

That’s where our 3D simulator comes in! It’s the easy way to discover which cover best matches your home and garden...with a sneak preview!

In Step 1, configure your unique Brustor patio cover with a fabric or louvered roof.

Select the cover type, including whether your pergola is mounted or stand-alone. Then, enter the dimensions and any special features you’d like (e.g. screens and lighting).

Tip: pick a cover colour to match your windows!

Erstellen Sie das Terrasuberdachung im 3D-Konfigurator Erstellen Sie das Terrasuberdachung im 3D-Konfigurator

See what your patio cover looks like in your garden

In Step 2, you can add the patio cover to its future setting by uploading a picture of your garden or terrace.

Use the red buttons to view the pergola exactly where you want it. That gives you an instant impression of how a patio cover could lift your home’s look.

Feel free to tinker with the colours and dimensions until your pergola is perfect!

Get a free customised quote based on your configuration

Does your design tick all the right boxes? Find a local Brustor dealer with the 3D simulator and send your simulation.

The selected dealer will get back to you with a customised quote.

Senden Sie Ihre fertige 3D-Simulation an einen Händler Senden Sie Ihre fertige 3D-Simulation an einen Händler