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Choose your sky! Join the trend of modular patio covers and choose what your roof looks like. Read all about our modular roofs here.

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Glass roof pergolas

Why choose a glass patio roof?

A glass patio roof is a real plus. This aluminum pergola has a fixed roof made of glass or sandwich panels and can be combined with a louvered roof. It’s usually attached to the house, which optimizes the incidence of light into your house. The pergola can serve either as a permanent spot in your garden (for your garden furniture, barbecue …) or a carport. The icing on the cake? You get a spacious feeling because of the transparent roof.

  • Optimal incidence of light 
  • Permanent outdoor space for garden furniture, barbecue, etc.
  • Optimal feeling of space thanks to the glass roof
  • Optional integrated ZIP screens

Types of patio covers with a glass roof

Patio cover with a fixed glass roof

The B700 is a patio cover with a fixed roof, made out of glass or sandwich panels. The aluminum framework provides a sleek finish and can be equipped with LED lighting. That’s why it can also serve as an alternative to a carport. This type of pergola is usually attached to the house, as a result of which it provides an optimal incidence of light inside while retaining a spacious feeling outside.

B700 Brustor Terrasoverkapping met vast dak als carport B700 Brustor Terrasoverkapping met vast dak als carport

Patio cover with a glass & XL louvered roof

Are you looking for a patio roof with a little extra? Then the B720 is what you're looking for! This awning combines the fixed roof of the B700 with the framework and XL louvered roof of the B200, and that offers endless possibilities. For example, you could create a storage area for your garden furniture, equipment or pool toys under the fixed roof section. You could even turn the pergola into a pool house or install an outdoor kitchen underneath. The sky is the limit!

As with the B200, the B720 also has the option of integrated zip screens on all sides. These screens remain tightly at all times due to the patented zip system. In case of wind, you simply close the screens. The B720 truly combines the best of both worlds: Thanks to the 21cm wide louvers you can enjoy the right amount of shade and ventilation at any time while daylight can still be brought into your home.

B720 Glas- en lamellendak zwembad B720 Glas- en lamellendak zwembad

Personalize to your liking

Remember that each Brustor patio cover can be personalised, so it matches your needs and suits your garden. You can obviously choose the colors of your frame, louvers, and screens. But you can even further personalize with atmospheric and/or functional LED lighting, patio heating, bluetooth speakers and/or power outlets. This way, you get a perfectly equipped outdoor room that you can enjoy all year round.

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