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B700 Carport Carousel Mobile
Aluminium pergola

A high-quality aluminium pergola is very durable and is relatively low maintenance

Roof type

Choose between glass, polycarbonate or sandwich panels.    

B700 Jacuzzi Carousel Mobile
Brustor B700 Glasdak
Brustor B700 Glasdak
Brustor B700 Glasdak
B700 Carousel Carport
Aluminium pergola

A high-quality aluminium pergola is very durable and is relatively low maintenance

Roof type

Choose between glass, polycarbonate or sandwich panels.    

B700 Jacuzzi Carousel
Brustor B700 Glasdak
Brustor B700 Glasdak
Brustor B700 Glasdak



BRUSTOR B700 Glass roof pergola

The B700 is Brustor's brand new innovative patio roof. The louvers have been replaced by a fixed roof made of glass, polycarbonate, or sandwich panels. This way, the patio roof opens new opportunities: it can be used to cover a jacuzzi or swimming pool, or as a stylish carport.

  • Permanently dry patio area
  • Optimal incidence of light
  • Integrated ZIP screens

The ideal glass top pergola for maximum light and dry furniture

The roof of the B700 is, unlike the other Brustor patio covers, a fixed roof. This allows you to create a rain-free zone in your garden where you can enjoy all seasons. Think of a reading area, a place to eat outside possibly with an outdoor kitchen, a storage place for garden furniture, a covered relaxation area, a pool house, or even a carport, the possibilities are endless. In addition, the glass roof ensures that you can enjoy optimal incidence of light into your living room.

Why choose the B700 glass patio roof?

Permanently dry patio area

The B700 has no louvered roof, but a fixed roof consisting of either glass, polycarbonate, or sandwich panels. This ensures a permanently dry area under your patio roof. The B700 also has an integrated water drainage system in the poles. This allows water from rain or snow to subtly flow down the poles and not over the roof of your pergola.

The B700 also offers solutions for the hospitality industry: tables and chairs can be left under the patio roof, the capacity can be expanded, and your guests can enjoy a carefree meal outside .

Available in glass, polycarbonate, and sandwich panels

The B700 has glass, polycarbonate or sandwich panels as an option for the roof. Each has its advantages. With a sandwich panel roof, for example, you can build a beautiful carport. The glass and polycarbonate roofs are ideal when you want to have a maximum incidence of light in your home.

Furthermore, you can personalise the B700 to your wishes. As with the B200, you can choose between various RAL colours, so that the pergola can blend in beautifully with the architecture of your home. The sandwich panels are only available in white.

Want to create a cosy atmosphere? The B700 can be equipped with LED spotlights in both the frame and the intermediate beam. For cool evenings, you can opt for a 2000W terrace heater, and optional integrated screens. An optional integrated Bluetooth speaker provides the right soundtrack. Ideal for enjoying the fresh summer evenings outside.

Alternative to a veranda

It is not surprising to assume that the B700 is a perfect alternative to a glass veranda: rainproof, windproof, and cosily lit. This patio cover provides for countless possibilities!

Optimal incidence of light by choosing a fixed glass section

An additional advantage of the aluminium roofing with glass is that, just like the B720, the incidence of light in your home remains optimal. The glass roof creates a real skylight, which means that you can enjoy a maximum of natural light in your home.

Interested in the B700?

B700 Carousel Carport B700 Carousel Carport

Technical information

Maximum dimensions

6 m x 2,50 m (single roof)

5,00 x 5,00 m or 6,00 x 4,00 m (double roof)

Mounting type


Discover all mounting types


Bediening RTS


Control the solar shading with a practical remote control. Operate your terrace roof, awning, conservatory awning or screen to any position, individually or in groups thanks to the different channels to control multiple functions.



Brustor’s sun protection is equipped with a Somfy motor, which can be easily and remotely operated. Control your sunblinds from your home or on location through your smartphone, tablet or computer. It is even possible to set certain scenarios based on time or temperature, so you always have control over your sun protection even when you are not at home.

Standard colours
RAL 7016 textured anthracite grey
RAL 9016 textured white
Optional colours
All colors
All RAL colours (with surcharge)


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