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Mounting type

Attached to the house or a detached patio roof?

The place where you want to install the terrace covering depends entirely on your personal preferences. A pergola attached to your home will have a dual function: creating shade on the terrace and keeping the temperature in your home under control. That way, a terrace roof becomes an extension of the home, really an extra outdoor space to enjoy.

A louvered roof can also be fully integrated into the architecture of the home. In that case, you benefit from the outdoor pod to adjust the shade and sun according to your wishes.

Should you opt for a detached patio roof in the garden, its function will be slightly different, namely a cosy place in the garden where you like to spend your free time. Your garden gets an upgrade and becomes a place to enjoy outdoor life, in direct sunlight or in the fresh shade.
A stand-alone pergola can also serve as a pool house or to create privacy around a Jacuzzi or an outdoor fitness room.

To cover large surfaces, terrace roofs can be linked in length or width (depending on the product you choose).ย 

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