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Every Brustor patio cover is a one-of-a-kind creation that you put together according to your needs. Not only can you personalise your pergola with various add-on features and colours, but you can also tailor the dimensions to what you have in mind. And that’s why our range includes a wide array of patio covers and roof options, e.g. fabric roofs, glass roofs, and louvered roofs, skylights, and retractable roofs (harmonica or sliding). You can also combine glass and louvers in a single roof. Brustor pergolas are available as home extensions and free-standing sun protection solutions to enhance your garden.

Brustor patio covers are also customised to your garden or patio’s dimensions. Naturally, we supply standard sizes: 3x2, 6x4, 4x3, 3x4, 6x3, 5x4, 3x3 and 5x3. Add-on features and sizes depend on the type of patio cover. Check the table below for each pergola's available installation options and maximum dimensions. Whatever the case, there’s always a sun protection solution perfect for your garden.

Be sure to check out our top favourite, the B200 XL – it’s so popular because it comes in near-endless combinations and building configurations. Many catering operators choose the B200XL for its versatility and the abundant shade it provides large terraces.

In fact, multiple extension modules can be linked horizontally and/or vertically on large patios or even configured in a star or L-shape. Moreover, we provide you with the freedom to use, e.g. an existing structure, and only install the roof structure. In that case, the roof is installed without supports. Would you like the extra privacy and protection that screens provide? If so, Brustor can create a door opening to ensure smooth entry and exit. You could also position a support on the inside to create a larger opening (overhang). Whatever you have in mind, we have the craftsmanship and expertise to produce your pergola to perfection.

Contact a licensed Brustor dealer for bespoke advice. Our patio covers are custom-made with care and craftsmanship so you get the most out of outdoor living.




B150 (XL)

B200 (XL)

B250 XL




B128 XL

Stand-alone version
Stand-alone version





Built-in roof



Gekoppeld in lengte of breedte
Double roof


Coupling along the width

Coupling along the length

Coupling along the width or length

Coupling along the width or length

Coupling along the width

No coupling possible

No coupling possible

No coupling possible 

No coupling possible
Stand alone with door pole




Vrijstaand met oversteek
Stand-alone with overhang





Aangebouwd met oversteek
lean to with overhang











Star configuration






Maximum dimensions 6 m x 6 m 6,04 m x
4,5 m
7 m x 7 m 6,06 m x 6 m 7 m x 7 m 6 m x 4 m 6 m x 7 m 6 m x 5 m 7 m x 4 m