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Brustor sun-resistant ZIP screens
Brustor sun-resistant ZIP screens

Sun screens for windows

Sun screens, window blinds for inside and outside

The practical sun-resistant screens from Brustor are available for various applications. They keep the heat out, and they are ideal for modern homes with large windows. In addition, annoying mosquitoes and flies also remain at a distance. Screens with a blackout fabric also guarantee a refreshing night's sleep.

Thanks to the ingenious zip system, called ZIP screen technology, the screens are resistant to strong wind and meet the highest wind classification standards for vertical sun protection. The ZIP screens are available for construction and renovation projects, built-in or mounted under an existing structure. You can operate them very easily with a switch or remote control, or even through your smartphone.

Our range also includes indoor blinds. These vertical zip blinds are placed on the inside of the window. Thanks to the zip screens you can control the view and the light intensity yourself. Alternatively, opt for solar screens which are mounted outside of the window. An ideal and sustainable solution for spaces where no electrical connection is provided. Thank you, radiant sun, for operating our screens!

Need help in making the right decision? Ask a Brustor dealer to visit and get advice about the type of screens, which best suit your home and wishes.