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Make your pergola completely wind-free thanks to sunscreens

To make your terrace roof completely wind-free, you can close the sides with sunscreens, which are the ideal addition to your roof. The screens are firmly mounted in the side rails so that the wind does not stand a chance. Feel free to lower the screens and protect yourself against the wind, sun and rain. Extra asset: they also keep insects at bay.

Choose your favourite high-quality and colour-fast fabric in a colour of your choice. If you like, you can maintain the view of the garden thanks to a transparent window strip. In addition, the screens offer extra privacy and they are the ideal solution against a low sun or the wind on a cool evening. The screens are resistant to a wind speed of up to 60 km / hour.

Depending on the type of terrace covering, you can opt for integrated screens or surface-mounted screens. The built-in ZIP screen is a vertical, windproof screen up to 6 meters wide. It is nicely integrated into the frame and is separately and easily operable. The surface-mounted screens connect seamlessly with the poles and the bottom of the frame. Integrated screens are compatible with the patio roofs B128 XL,ย B200 (XL)ย , B250 XL,ย B300, B600S, B700, B720. With the pergolas B128, B150 (XL) and B600, you should opt for surface-mounted screens.

Brustor B200 patio roof at home with sun protection Brustor B200 patio roof at home with sun protection