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Bluetooth speakers

Outdoor Bluetooth speakers, a spark of coziness

When the sun shines, it's time to invite our friends and family over to enjoy our favorite spot in the garden. These moments definitely deserve the right soundtrack. Thanks to the Bluetooth speakers in the poles of your patio cover, you can listen to your favorite music via a wireless Bluetooth stream. Theyโ€™re undoubtedly the life and soul of your garden party, from morning tunes to party hits, from summer music to romantic songs to dream away. Music please!

Technical information:ย 

  • Available in black or white
  • Always sold by two or four
  • Maximum one speaker per pole
  • Can only be installed on a side with screen (not on a side with glass wall)
  • Cannot be installed on a pole with drainage, unless thereโ€™s a screen
  • Splashproof in accordance with the IP65 standard
Bluetooth Speaker in pole Bluetooth Speaker in pole