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06 Nov 2020

Sun or shade? It’s up to you! Discover the smart sun protection from Somfy.

What is smart sun protection?

Smart sun protection can anticipate all possible weather conditions, even when you are not at home. With the help of various sensors, which control the sun protection automatically, you can obtain an optimal temperature in your home. Protect your solar shading against all-weather influences thanks to a sun, wind, rain, or temperature sensor. 

The biggest asset of smart solar shading is that you can adapt the sensors to your lifestyle. We call these set-ups “routines” or “scenes”. A scene is an action that you can call up at any time, a routine is a repetitive setting. You decide when and under what circumstances your sensors should work. You can control all of these features via a user-friendly app on your smartphone, tablet, or via your computer.

You can choose and create different settings for your Brustor sun protection, which, for example, allow the retractable awning to close automatically when it starts raining. Opt for weather sensors when buying a Brustor pergola with a slatted roof. Thanks to the rain sensor, the slats will close automatically when it rains, so you can keep your garden furniture dry at all times. A sun sensor is also very useful to close the slats in abundant sunlight so that the interior of your home is always protected from the sun.

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Which sensors are possible?

  • Temperature sensor: measures the temperature and opens the awning when the temperature drops below the freezing point.
  • Wind sensor: ensures that your solar shading is always protected against unexpected gusts of wind and will automatically close the fabric roof from a certain wind speed or roll up the screen in stormy weather.
  • Sun sensor: keeps the inside temperature under control and regulates the intensity of the incoming sunlight.
  • Rain sensor: ensures that the louvers close automatically when the first raindrops are detected. As soon as the temperature drops below 2° C, the roof opens completely so that snow accumulation is avoided.

Thanks to the integrated sensors, the motor system adjusts the position of your awning to any weather condition. Whether it's snowing, raining or freezing, your awning and your home are always protected.

Did you know that sensors extend the lifespan of your awning and reduce your energy consumption?

Operate all your solar shadings remotely

Even when you are not at home, you can check the position of your awning and adjust them if necessary. This system allows you to control your solar shadings at any time, wherever you are.

In addition, you can control all of your options with just one remote control or smartphone. That's all you need to control e.g. the adjustable slats of your terrace roof, the screens, the lighting, music, and heating. Everything is just one click away.  

Get comfortable by choosing sensors that automatically control your patio roof, awning or screens. Always protected, even when you're not at home.

Did you know ...?

...that sensors extend the lifespan of your awning and reduce your energy consumption?