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10 May 2023

Choose the right patio roof in 3 steps

In addition to sun screens and awnings, there has also been a run on outdoor living. It seems people don't just want to sit outside when it’s warm and sunny. No, they want to live outside, regardless of the weather conditions. In that case, a patio roof is what you’re looking for. But how do you choose the right patio roof? Let’s find the perfect one in three steps!

Step 1: A patio roof or pergola?

The first question you should ask yourself is: where would you like to install your patio roof? Maybe you would like to create shade on your patio or keep the sun out of your house. In that case, you should definitely choose an attached patio roof. Or maybe you’re just looking for direct sunlight. Then it’s better to take a stand-alone pergola. Depending on the type, you could also link them to one another, in the length or in the width, to cover larger areas.

In Belgium, 7 out of 10 patio roofs are attached to the house, because they are seen as an extension to the house, an extra outdoor space. What would you choose?

Step 2: Choose your patio cover: canvas, louvred, glass, or a combination of the three?

It’s up to you. Choose a patio cover with rotating and/or retractable louvres, a retractable roll-up or folding roof, or go for a glass roof patio cover. Choosing a louvred roof empowers you to control the amount of light and sunlight by rotating or closing the louvres. A fabric patio cover allows you to open or close the cover when and how you like. Essentially, control over sunlight, heat, and natural ventilation is all yours

You’ve also got the option of a patio cover with a fixed or glass roof, e.g. the B700 and B800. Make that choice, and you guarantee yourself a dry outdoor space. On the lookout for a solution that blends the perks of a glass and louvred roof? Meet the B720. This sun protection solution features a roof with a fixed partition available with glass or sandwich panels and a louvred roof with 21 cm-wide louvres. All three patio covers can be equipped with integrated ZIP screens so that your outdoor space is neatly and aesthetically shielded from the wind. Add mood lighting to the cross beams and frame, install patio heating, and each one of these sun protection solutions becomes a comfortable haven to unwind outdoors. A dream come true for those long summer evenings!


B720 bioclimatic pergola with fix roof and louvres B720 bioclimatic pergola with fix roof and louvres

Step 3: Personalise as you please

Obviously, you can choose the colour of the frame as well as the louvers or fabric. But there’s more ... You can also personalize your ideal canopy with the following options:

Opties mogelijk bij terrasoverkapping zoals verwarming, luidspreker en verlichting Opties mogelijk bij terrasoverkapping zoals verwarming, luidspreker en verlichting

Ready for some inspiration?

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