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20 Apr 2020

Enjoy a gleaming patio roof all year round

Brustor pergolas are ideal in any situation: sun, rain, cold and wind. Thanks to our cleaning tricks, you can have a gleaming patio roof, season after season.

Treat your patio roof well and use it all year round

If you have a pergola, you can enjoy being outdoors all year round, whatever the weather. Thanks to the automatic tilting aluminium louvers, you can seamlessly adjust the desired amount of sun, shade and ventilation, creating the perfect outdoor life. Why stay indoors when you could be outdoors? A quick clean of your patio roof ensures years of enjoyment.ย 

Our pergola cleaning routine

Thanks to their high-quality aluminium and extra protective Quality Coat, our patio roofs can withstand any type of weather with minimum maintenance or cleaning. The best care you can offer your patio roof is a routine clean. Clear away all your garden furniture and sweep away any loose dirt, like leaves, insects and cobwebs. Then spray the roof with hot water; easy!

B200 XL Aluminium pergola with LED lighting B200 XL Aluminium pergola with LED lighting

Brustorโ€™s cleaning secret

Your pergola needs a thorough clean now and then. Start again by sweeping away most of the dirt, but also have a bucket of hot water, a neutral detergent and a soft sponge. Do not use solvent, acid or scouring products like sandpaper! How often you do this depends on where you live. In a rural environment, we advise you to clean your patio roof or aluminium structure twice a year. Four times if you live in an urban environment (near an industrial area, on the coast, ...).

Our climate and environment is not always suitable for powder-coated aluminium as used with an awning. For this Brustor now has a cleaning and protection kit with 2 products:

  • (1) a water-based degreaser for powder-coated metals and
  • (2) durable protection for powder-coated aluminium and steel.

Both are used pure with a lint-free, disposable cloth (included). The All-round cleaner degreaser also removes various stubborn stains such as grease, soot, oil, graphite, moss, insect marks, etc.ย  The Alu Protect then also protects against acid rain, sea air, UV radiation and impedes the attachment of CO2, salt, mosses and other stains. It must be applied on recent and new metals. Both are PH neutral. Thanks to these products, you wonโ€™t need to clean your patio roof so often, because the dirt will just run off it.

Brustor's Cleaning Kit Brustor's Cleaning Kit
B200 XL Aluminium pergola with LED lighting B200 XL Aluminium pergola with LED lighting

1,2,3 done!

You can divide the maintenance of your patio roof into three main parts: the frame, the gutter and the roof. After each clean, check that the gutter is totally free of any dirt, moss and leaves. Regularly hose down the louvered roof, but you should also clean the louvers separately from time to time. Once the frame is free of sand and dirt too, your pergola is ready to use.

For a thorough clean of your roof, you need:

  • Hot water/garden hose
  • A sponge
  • A soft brush
  • And our Cleaning Kit, of course

Cleaning sun blinds was never so easy or such fun thanks to the Brustor cleaning kit!