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11 Jun 2021

Enjoy the outdoors with the same comfort as indoors

Outdoor living is an emerging trend, we have noticed this abundantly over the past year. Thanks to the pandemic, people are increasingly investing in an outdoor living space that enriches their garden. The warmer weather is also making us want to enjoy the outdoors more and more. There are many benefits to having a pergola: you can spend more time outside, also in the evening. You'll have the necessary cooling during heat waves. And during the times, when we can't travel, you create a holiday feeling in your own garden.

Brustor B250XL aluminium terrace covering Brustor B250XL aluminium terrace covering

Enjoy outdoor living in comfort thanks to two new Brustor pergola’s.

B250 XL

The Brustor B250 XL is a splash-proof, aluminum pergola with tiltable louvers. The B250 XL is undoubtedly your favourite spot all year round, as a detached construction in the garden or attached to your home on the terrace.

  • Thanks to the automated louvered roof, you can choose the position of the louvers yourself and decide how much sunlight or shade you want.
  • The perfect fit of the louvers onto the gutters ensures that the roof is not only splash-proof, but also windproof.
  • The optional integrated ZIP screens and patio heating ensure that the pleasant radiant heat is better maintained.

B600 S Screen

Do you want to completely slide open the louvers to fully enjoy the outdoors? Then the B600 S Screen is definitely something for you. The B600 S Screen terrace covering provides the ultimate Outdoor Living experience. The aluminum louvers slide open to any desired position. Much sun, a line of shade or protection against a small rain shower? You are in complete control.

  • The S-shaped louvers join compactly so that the roof is open for no less than 87%. The minimum package of louvers (only 13%) ensures maximum light incidence.
  • Do you want to make your roof wind resistant? Choose for optional integrated screens that are beautifully finished in the frame without visible screws.
  • All Brustor patio covers can be controlled with a smartphone and tablet
  • Thanks to the double function of the roof (sliding and tilting) you can always enjoy optimal light in the house, even during dark winter days.
Brustor B600 S Screen retractable patio cover Brustor B600 S Screen retractable patio cover

Enjoy your pergola at any time of the day.

Thanks to the many options and possibilities to personalize, you can fully enjoy your pergola at any time of the day.

Brustor B150 patio roof Brustor B150 patio roof

Led lighting

LED lighting creates the perfect atmosphere when the sun goes down.  Brustor offers a wide choice of durable lighting for your pergola. Direct or indirect, up- and downlight or even both. Brustor opts for energy-efficient and durable LED lighting with no visible cables. The lighting can also be dimmed for the perfect mood.

Heating systems

Is it getting a little too chilly? Warm yourself with the pleasant radiant heat from the patio heater. The stylish patio heater spreads comfortable warmth under your pergola and is available in a white, black, or anodized finish.

Terrace heating Terrace heating
Brustor B250XL terrace covering Brustor B250XL terrace covering

Integrated screens

Integrated screens have several advantages. During the day they keep the sunlight out, at night they keep the heat in. Thanks to these screens, which are completely seamlessly built into the frame, your pergola remains wind-free and your privacy is guaranteed.