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02 Mar 2022

Garden trends for 2022: Natural colours and holiday at home

March is all about making plans for your spring garden! In recent years, it has become clear that your garden is an important part of the complete home experience. After all, we want to make the best use of the space we have and enjoy every little bit of it. Is your garden in need of an upgrade? These will be the garden trends for 2022.


Brustor B200 (XL) louvered roof pergola ©Carribean Blinds (Anthracite) Brustor B200 (XL) louvered roof pergola ©Carribean Blinds (Anthracite)

1. Calm colour palette

Choose a calm and natural basic colour palette. Of course, green is one of those colours, because a garden without plants and grass is not really a natural garden. Combine green with greys, beiges, and browns to create a natural colour palette. That way, you will create a calming garden design, while still having fun with the decorations and flowers.

2. Bring the holiday feeling into your garden

Now that the coronavirus has made it a lot harder to travel to far destinations, your garden offers the ideal solution for a holiday feeling at home. The bohemian look is trendy this year! Choose a wide variety of textures, bright colours, and natural materials. The bohemian style is characterised by its cosiness and nonchalance. Add your most beautiful Christmas lights, a campfire, and large candles and you immediately feel as if you are abroad.

Brustor B300 pergola with retractable fabric roof Brustor B300 pergola with retractable fabric roof
Brustor B250 XL Louvered pergola Brustor B250 XL Louvered pergola

3. An extra-long summer with a patio cover

With the right tools and furnishings, you can enjoy the outdoors almost all year round! A patio cover or pergola will help you do just that. With a patio cover, you create an extra (covered) space in your garden that you can easily heat when it gets colder, but where you can also create shade or shelter during a light shower. With the right lighting, you can also enjoy your outside space until late in the evening. Brustor patio covers are made of aluminium, which extends their life span. Thanks to the tiltable louvers you can choose between shade or sun at the push of a button.

By the way, did you know that with the Brustor 3D Simulator you can test if the patio cover of your dreams will fit in your garden? You can upload a picture of your garden and add a simulation of your pergola. Try it out!

4. Durable materials

We have to take care of the planet, that's for sure. That is why the use of sustainable materials has been the trend in recent years, as well as for 2022. Want to decorate your terrace with garden stone? Then hard ceramic tiles are the way to go. But beware! Pavement is generally not recommended. The concreting of gardens makes it difficult for the groundwater to stay at the right level because water finds it harder to find its way into the earth. This is why we recommend to choose a large amount of grass in your garden with lots of wild flowers for the bees. Other green materials include coconut fibre ground covers, a green roof, and oak, for example. Do you want to use wood? Then make sure that the wood has an FSC quality label. That way you know for sure that it was not chopped down in a tropical forest.

Brustor B200 (XL) Louvered Pergola Brustor B200 (XL) Louvered Pergola
B250XL Terrasoverkapping B250XL Terrasoverkapping

5. Self-sufficient

What is more fun than feasting on your own fruit and vegetables? Vegetable gardens are totally in now. Choose a spot with both sun and shade and think well in advance about what you want to grow. Combined cultivation is best. Use your own compost as fertiliser for your vegetable garden and enjoy growing your own crops. (PSst: it is also a lot cheaper than running to the supermarket and you know for sure that they are super organic).



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