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header desktop B250XL Outdoor Heroes
header desktop B250XL Outdoor Heroes
01 May 2024

Outdoor Heroes create the best outdoor family memories

Heroes – we’ve all got them and know how to spot them. They’re the ones we look up to, the ones with whom we hope to share magical moments because they’re also the ones we can be ourselves with. We’ve already gushed about great friends who make life worth living and the kids who always put a goofy smile on your face. Ready for our next Outdoor Hero? Naturally, it’s got to be grandma and grandpa! Every day spent with them is a celebration, and where better to celebrate than outdoors?

Brustor patio covers are the perfect backdrop for a lifetime of memories to cherish. Designed with attention to detail and functionality, they provide the ideal setting for these epic moments.

Rotating louvers ensure precision light and ventilation control, which means you can create the perfect mood for every situation. Whether it’s a family meal, an afternoon of splashing and relaxing in the pool with the grandkids or playing a board game with them – you know it’s always a grand time under a Brustor patio cover.

Brustor patio covers are customised to meet your needs. You’ve got a wide range of roof types to choose from (louvered, fabric, glass), and there’s no shortage of layout and installation options. For instance, you could go for an extension or a standalone patio cover, extend your cover with additional roofs, or even opt for a roof-only option. Brustor always makes your sun shading solution dreams come true!

Optional integrated ZIP screens enable you to keep insects and wind at bay, and with LED lighting and patio heating, you’re guaranteed an enchanting (fun!) evening outdoors. Ultimately, you benefit from fresh air and the great outdoors all year round. So, what’s in it for the grandkids? They get to play with the best Outdoor Heroes ever!

Inspired? Contact a dealer now to discover the perfect sun shading solution for you!