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Brustor will be closed from 29 July to 9 August and on 15 and 16 August.

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01 Mar 2024

Outdoor Heroes enjoy nature’s good gifts together

Brustor lives for Outdoor Living. That’s because the great outdoors isn’t just about healthy lifestyles; it’s also a fabulous backdrop for simple everyday living.

Brustor patio covers transform your outdoor space into something stylishly comfortable, where every moment is magic. But style is only half the story. Brustor’s patio covers are also eminently practical. They invite Outdoor Heroes, like you and your best mates, to hang out and make unforgettable memories together. Picture the bliss of a fun afternoon spent with friends, laughing, and relaxing as the sun’s rays filter through your elegant louvered roof. It also makes an outdoor workout a true treat. When you exercise outside, you get to inhale fresh air, enjoy the sun’s warmth, and listen to the soothing sounds of nature. And that’s good for your body and mind!

Outdoor living? It’s top of mind at Brustor, where you’ll find an extensive range of patio covers to tick all the right boxes. Whether your dream is a retractable, sliding fabric roof, an elegant louvered roof, a transparent glass roof, or a combination of the latter two – the choice is yours! But that’s not all! There are also dozens of options for personalisation, e.g. sun protection ZiP screens, sliding panels, LED mood lighting, diverse RAL colours, patio heating, sockets, and built-in speakers. Brustor makes creating an outdoor space that reflects the real you easy. 

Become the hero of your story. Enjoy good times and great memories under a Brustor patio cover.


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