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13 May 2022

Project BD: Unwind under the B200 XL

The Brustor B200(XL) is the audience favourite within our range, and rightly so. It is the most versatile pergola, where especially the extensive possibilities for personalization are appreciated. Thanks to the automated louvered roof, you can choose the position of the louvers yourself. Feel free to choose between louvers of 16 cm or 21cm (XL version). A version with XL slats, will make the roof look more stylish when they are closed and you will enjoy more light when they are open. Open, closed, tilted, something in between, anything is possible... Keep the sun under control as you wish or close the louvers during an unexpected shower and still enjoy comfortably under your terrace covering.

Options: integrated ZIP-screens, Led-lighting in the louvers

Frame: 7093 ST

Louvers: 9016 ST