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10 Jun 2022

Project Z: Enjoy the B250 XL with the whole family

The B250 XL is a splash-proof version of the B200 (XL) with 21cm wide louvers that fit perfectly onto the gutters. This "perfect fit" has two advantages: it makes the roof completely splash-proof and ensures a minimalistic and sleek design. When the louvers are closed, the roof forms a smooth surface. Thanks to the seamless connection between the louvers and gutters, the roof offers an ideal protection against rain. Moreover, it prevents a cold air flow between the louvers and the gutters, which also guarantees wind resistance. You can always enjoy the sunlight or shade of your choice at any time of the day, thanks to the louvers that can rotate up to 135ยฐ.

No doubt a perfect place to enjoy with the family!

Options: Integrated ZIP screens, Patio Heating

Details: ย Frame: RAL 9005 ST | Louvers: RAL 90007 ST