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21 Mar 2024

Global Shading Day: shade offers the most efficient cooling

21 March marks the Spring Equinox, but that’s not all... It’s also Global Shading Day! And Global Shading Day is all about why shade matters. Brustor is making the most of it by sharing how shade makes all the difference in keeping your home nice and cool. We’re convinced that shade offers the most efficient cooling.

Uncomfortably high temps at home? Why wait? Prevent them now.

Everyone knows about how it’s only been getting hotter in recent years. And that’s not just a problem outdoors: it also affects indoor life. We all aim to boost our homes’ energy efficiency while keeping indoor temps under control. Why? Because the better your insulation, the harder it is for heat to escape. While that’s fab in the winter, it’s less than stellar come summertime.

Air-conditioning systems are a popular go-to for keeping the climate bearable inside, but they’ve got some serious drawbacks. For instance, they consume tons of energy.

A great alternative for keeping the heat out is shade. By keeping heat away from the windows, your home won’t be able to heat up as quickly. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to climate control.

Brustor is committed to preventive cooling. And sun protection has been our focus from day one. We’re proud of our stylish sun protection solutions, from ZIP screens, veranda sun protection systems, and awnings to patio covers and more.

On average, ZIP screens can block up to 80% of radiant heat, helping cool temperatures indoors by an impressive seven to eight degrees. 

On average, ZIP screens can block up to 80% of radiant heat. On average, ZIP screens can block up to 80% of radiant heat.

Keep the heat out with sun protection ZIP screens

What’s the most convenient passive cooling solution? Sun protection ZIP screens. They can be integrated during construction or mounted to your windows later. Both methods deliver the same advantages: the sun protection fabric creates an additional barrier between your windows and the sun’s harsh rays. Just click, and your screen will hold the heat at bay.

Brustor is committed to sustainability, which is why we offer solar-powered ZIP screens. Built-in solar panels eliminate the need for an electrical connection. All you need is sun to charge your battery.

Another advantage is that solar screens are made with translucent fabric. In other words, cooling comes without having to sit in the dark all day. And natural light is always welcome, especially if you work from home. What’s more, screen housings are made of aluminium for durability and long life. At the end of the day, it’s an investment that pays for years to come.

Keep cool in your veranda with veranda sun protection

If one room in your home is prone to overheating, it’s the veranda. Fortunately, Brustor has a solution. Our veranda awnings and screens are made to measure to fit every veranda shape. That even includes flat roof skylights. Once again, our solutions stop the heat before it ever hits the glass. Preventive cooling allows you to enjoy your veranda all year round.

Our veranda awnings and screens are made to measure to fit every veranda shape. Our veranda awnings and screens are made to measure to fit every veranda shape.

Awnings shade the outside to keep the inside nice and cool!

Awnings are another classic way to keep the heat at bay. By now, it’s common knowledge that retractable awnings are ideal for shading your terrace or garden lounge, keeping them cool. But there’s a bonus: the shade your awning produces also prevents indoor heat accumulation. Because the sun can’t hit your windows directly, you benefit from comfortably cool indoor temperatures in addition to that blissfully shaded patio. You’ve just fed two birds with one seed!

But Brustor’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop there. Your awning’s housing is also made of aluminium. Plus, you can add LED lighting or even go for ultra-sustainable fabric with the Elements Oeko Weave Collection. These fabrics are produced without harmful substances from recycled fibres. You get a sustainable Brustor solution with the same premium quality.

Sustainable shade is the Brustor way

Brustor wholeheartedly embraces a sustainable future where shade not only cools but also benefits the environment. We are committed to sustainable shading. Join us as we create comfortable, sustainable living environments. Choose responsibly and enjoy the benefits of shade.

Ready to shade sustainably? Contact a Brustor dealer nearby to discover your options!