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Brustor ZIP screens
Brustor ZIP screens
03 Feb 2022

How do I choose the best screen for my house?

The summers are getting warmer, as a result, your home is heating up faster as well. Do you want to protect your home against the sun? Then screens are an ideal solution. However, there are so many different possibilities that it can be very overwhelming. With our useful tips, you can choose the screens that fit your home and needs perfectly.

Indoor or outdoor

Solar screens can be placed on the inside or outside of your windows. For outdoor applications, we recommend choosing screens with a ZIP system. This system ensures that your screens can withstand strong gusts of wind and that your fabric remains optimally stretched at all times. If you choose Brustor screens, you have several options for personalisation. You can choose between a round or a square case, and you can also choose the RAL colour of your screen. This way the screens match the color of your windows perfectly and your house looks flawless.   

Brustor indoor screens Brustor indoor screens

Sometimes it is not possible to install blinds on the outside of your windows. In this case indoor screens are a good alternative. Indoor blinds are discreetly built into the recess. So you don't have to worry about your interior. Furthermore, this form of sun protection can be easily mounted on the ceiling or wall. Brustor also offers a wide choice of fabrics, there are even fabrics that can be used as a cinema screen to project on with a beamer.

Built-in, surface-mounted or front-mounted screen

Outdoor screens are available in different configurations: built-in, surface mounted, and front-mounted. As the name implies, built-in screens are built into your home. The screen case is placed in the cavity of the outer wall and completely disappears in your house. The Brustor B1200 ZIP screens are an ideal solution if you want your screen to be invisible when rolled up. The bottom rail of the B1200 ZIP completely disappears into the case when rolled up, and is therefore no longer visible. The heavy bottom rail ensures that the canvas remains tightly in the side guides. This way you have no disturbing elements and your screens look sleek and seamless.

Surface-mounted screens are placed on the windows and form one unit with the window. So, they are mounted together with the window in the house, which is deal for newly built properties and renovation projects. On the other hand, front-mounted screens are placed above the window on the outside wall.

Completely darken or maintain view to the outside

A screen does more than just blocking the sun. A screen also reduces the possibility to peek into the house or even darkens the room completely. Do you want to install the screen in your living room? Then it's best to opt for a see-through screen so that you retain the spaciousness in your living room. If you install the screen in your bedroom, then you can choose a screen with blackout fabric for a good night's sleep. Are you worried about people looking into your home? Then choose a screen with privacy fabric (1%): this type of screen offers complete privacy without restricting the view to the outside.

Brustor screens with a view to the outside ©Caribbean Blinds UK Ltd Brustor screens with a view to the outside ©Caribbean Blinds UK Ltd

Motorised on electricity or on solar energy

Motorised screens from Brustor are equipped with a Somfy motor that can be easily managed from a distance. You can choose between controlling your sun protection through a switch, remote control, or with your smartphone. It is even possible to add sensors to your blinds. This way, you can have peace of mind anywhere and anytime.

Are you looking for a sustainable solution? Then choose solar-powered screens. The motor of the screen is powered by a battery that is charged by sunlight. This technology is not only ecological, but also ideal for spaces where no power supply is possible. Moreover, the Brustor solar screens do not require any electrical wiring, so no cutting or breaking work is needed. The solar screens are ideal for both newly built properties and renovation.

Corner windows

There's also a solution for large windows that converge in a corner! A Brustor corner screen is a fully automatic and panoramic screen that slides evenly up and down in an angle. In the corner itself there are no disturbing profiles so the view from your house is not obstructed. Ideal for wood constructions where the glass windows connect to each other without a corner profile.

Brustor Corner screen Brustor Corner screen
Brustor Sun Protection brochure

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