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27 Oct 2020

The new B250 XL vs. the all-time favourite Brustor B200 (XL)

This year we launched a brand new pergola with a louvered roof: the Brustor B250 XL. Our engineers drew a lot of inspiration from the existing model: the B200 (XL). However, they also focused on many new solutions, for example, for the catering industry.

Both pergolas belong to the same product family and therefore have many similarities. However, they also have their own specific assets. We understand that itโ€™s difficult to distinguish both products. This article is made to help you with your choice for the ideal pergola that fits your home perfectly.

Brustor B200 slatted terrace roof with heating Brustor B200 slatted terrace roof with heating

The B200 (XL)

The B200 (XL) has been launched a couple of years ago. Nonetheless, this model remains a major crowd-pleaser with many unique features. Letโ€™s start with the patio roof, which has been equipped with several options, applications and building possibilities. This is why the Brustor B200 (XL) is one of the favourites within our range. It is the most complete terrace covering with numerous possibilities for personalization.

The B250 (XL)

The B250XL is new in the Brustor louvered roof range. It is a splash-proof version of the B200 (XL) with 21cm wide louvers that fit perfectly onto the gutters. This "perfect fit" has two advantages: it makes the roof completely splash-proof and ensures a minimalistic and sleek design. When the louvers are closed, the roof forms a smooth surface. Thanks to the seamless connection between the louvers and gutters, the roof offers an ideal protection against rain. Moreover, it prevents a cold air flow between the slats and the gutters, which also guarantees wind resistance. You can always enjoy the sunlight or shade of your choice at any time of the day, thanks to the louvers that can rotate up to 135ยฐ.

Brustor B250 XL terrace covering Brustor B250 XL terrace covering

Splashing water

The main difference between the B200 and B250 XL is the connection between the louvers and the rain gutters. The B250 XL blades are horizontally aligned with the gutters, making it impossible for water to leak beneath the covering. On the contrary, the B200 XL allows a minimum space between the slats and the gutter, which means that there is a risk of splashing water from the gutter in case of heavy rainfall. However, this can easily be solved by placing a diffuser into the gutter. Our experience tells us that these are only requested for catering applications. So you certainly do not have to worry about the water tightness of your future pergola.

Retain heat better

Another advantage of the B250 XL is that you can enjoy the pleasant, radiant heat from the patio heaters much longer, because the heat cannot escape through the closed slats. You can also opt for integrated ZIP screens to protect you from the sun, wind and rain. These screens can be integrated on all sides of the pergola. Add a door post to create an opening for a quick passage between the screens. The B250 XL is available in more than 200 RAL colours for personalisation.

Detail Brustor lamellen en verwarming aan terrasoverkappig Detail Brustor lamellen en verwarming aan terrasoverkappig

Personalise your sun protection

Did you know that every outdoor living pergola is unique? Brustor produces all pergolas fully customized to your wishes. Choose the dimensions and colours that fit your design best. Create the right atmosphere by adding dimmable lighting solutions such as an LED strip in the louvers, or LED lighting in the structure. How about practical sensors that automatically respond to weather changes? Finally, you can operate the Brustor patio roofs effortlessly with your smartphone or tablet. Your Brustor patio cover will undoubtedly become your favourite spot all year round.