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18 May 2021

Prevent your veranda from heating up in the summer: choose the right conservatory awning

Verandas are a great addition to your home: they provide you with natural light and create more space. In the summer, however, your veranda can quickly turn into an unpleasant sauna. Prevent your conservatory from heating up with durable conservatory awnings.

Why choose a conservatory awning?

Conservatory awnings are a climate-friendly solution for keeping your veranda cool. They allow you to control the temperature and prevent the heat from entering your home. A big difference with other solutions such as an air conditioner for example, which blows cool air into your home, but also requires a lot of energy. With sun protection you work preventively and make sure that, in the first instance, your veranda does not heat up.

What type of conservatory awning should I choose?

There are a lot of options when it comes to adding sun protection to your veranda. Verandas come in a lot of shapes, sizes, and colors. Choosing the right sun protection, therefore, depends entirely on the shape of your porch.

Brustor Topscreen conservatory awning Brustor Topscreen conservatory awning

1. Horizontal and sloping glass sections, skylights, conservatories, and greenhouses

The Brustor Topscreen was designed as a compact sun protection product for horizontal and sloping glass sections, skylights, conservatories and greenhouses. The roof blind has a stylish, compact cassette and is very user-friendly. The combination of the ZIP screen technology and the well thought out suspension system ensures a very wind-resistant and tight fabric that can withstand 6 Bft. You can choose from a high-quality sun-shading or black-out fabric.

Brustor B126 conservatory awning Brustor B126 conservatory awning

2. Rectangular porches

The B126 awning is ideal for rectangular conservatories, greenhouses and sloping glass surfaces, and fits on nearly any construction. Thanks to the patented extension you create up to 1.25 m extra shade.  This conservatory awning consists of high-quality materials and has a corrosion-resistant, extruded aluminum housing. Moreover, several modules of the B126 can be coupled in order to protect even larger spaces from disruptive sunlight.

Brustor B127 conservatory awning Brustor B127 conservatory awning

3. Irregular shapes

The Brustor B127 conservatory awning is the ideal match for conservatories with an irregular shape or bay windows with angled or rounded corners. The extension can provide 1.25 meters of extra shade at the front and up to 1 meter at the sides. Dose the light or opt for a black-out fabric, which can be selected from an extensive colour range and which always retains its colour. Moreover, the fabrics are very high quality and were treated extra to withstand dirt and water.

the Brustor B128 conservatory awning the Brustor B128 conservatory awning

4. Large surfaces

Covering large surfaces is possible with the Brustor B128 conservatory awning. The supports are mounted directly to the conservatory and can be placed closely next to each other should you want several modules. The ingenious zip system and the patented ZIP screen technology ensure that the fabric remains extremely tight, stretched in the side rails, and is therefore resistant to strong winds. Choose from a wide selection of sun protection fabrics in various colours and prints.

Customize to your wishes

Every house is unique, this is why your awning can be fully customized to your needs. Choose the RAL color of your structure and the color and texture of your fabric. This way your conservatory awning will fit your house perfectly. You can also choose the type of control system: a switch, a remote control or your smartphone. Finally, you can optionally choose sensors that automatically open and close your awning.