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21 Jun 2023

Project P: Enjoy the healthy fresh air with the B600S

Want to add on to your home without losing light? You can, with the Brustor B600 S – a patio cover with a retractable louvered roof. Just take a sneak peek at this home’s gorgeous project in the idyllic Austrian Alps.

The owners were on a quest to create patio shade without diminishing the beautiful play of light indoors on more overcast days. Their licensed Brustor dealer recommended the B600 S, a dual-function patio cover with roof louvers that rotate and retract.

Soaking up the sun and shade 

You choose the amount of sun or shade on your patio with this patio cover’s rotating louvered roof. And operating it is a snap with the Brustor Connect app. Whether you rotate the louvers or retract them is up to you! The S-shaped louvres are made from aluminium and retract into a sleek, compact space. Brustor is a louvered roof pioneer. And creating a roof that opens up to 87%? That puts us a step ahead of the competition. Maximum light guaranteed! What’s more, leaving the roof open in the winter means less dark days with more precious daylight indoors. The durable aluminium louvers guarantee years of enjoyment and carefree maintenance.

Tailored to your needs

Every Brustor patio cover is custom-made, so these owners chose to complement their home with an anthracite finish for the frame and white for the louvers. It’s an on-trend combination that’s also timeless. Underneath their new patio cover, they set up a cosy dining table. What better spot to enjoy a peaceful meal in the shade and benefit from even more fresh air?

The B600 S can also be equipped with integrated ZIP screens that keep the sun and wind out. Brustor’s R&D team has an impeccable aesthetic when it comes to product design. The screens seamlessly integrate into the cover’s frame to be invisible when they aren’t in use.

Even better, there are plenty of add-on features to choose from, e.g. LED lighting, patio heating, Bluetooth speakers, power sockets, and more. 

Convinced? Contact your local licensed Brustor dealer to discover the best solution for you.