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Congratulations! Mathieu van der Poel first rider ever to become world road cycling and cyclo-cross champion #proudsponsor

Motorized valance

Hello, shade! Every minute. Of every day.

On sunny days, awnings are perfect for basking in beautiful weather from the shade. Sadly, they don’t always stop the low sun’s capers. You can say adieu to your precious shade when its rays craftily slip under your retractable awning. But there’s a solution: the motorised valance! The valance fabric can be lowered as far as 1.5 m. To keep the valance nicely taut, the bottom of the fabric is weighted. That also adds to your privacy. Don’t need the valance anymore? Just roll it back up! When retracted, the valance completely disappears into the front frame of your awning. Why…hello, Mr Shade!

Technical specifications:

  • Available with the B25 Elite/Prestige valance and the B38 Elite/Prestige valance
  • Max. 1.5 m for the B25 Elite/Prestige valance and max. 1.3 m for the B38 Elite/Prestige valance
  • IO or RTS motor with remote control or WT motor for home automation apps
Brustor B38 Valance awning Brustor B38 Valance awning