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Brustor Twinstor Autonomous awning
Brustor Twinstor Autonomous awning
Brustor Twinstor Autonomous awning
Brustor Twinstor Autonomous awning
Brustor Twinstor Autonomous awning



BRUSTOR Twinstor

The Brustor Twinstor creates shadow wherever you prefer: with two ground anchors or freestanding galvanised steel flowerboxes, this autonomous awning is anchored in the garden or on the terrace without attachment to an existing wall or porch. The fabric and the mechanical parts are protected in an optimal way thanks to the two fully enclosed cassette casings. The arms are electrically controlled with a remote control. LED lighting and a patio heater operated by a remote control are convenient when you want to enjoy your Twinstor on cooler evenings.

  • Autonomous awning
  • The eye-catcher of every terrace
  • Shadow surface up to 42 m²

Self-supporting structure composed of two B25 awnings, also available with B25 Elite

Technical information


min. 2,05 m - max. 7,00 m


2 x 2,0 m or 2 x 2,5 m or 2 x 3,0 m


standard 2,7 m, in option up to 3,0 m



Fabrics come in as many colours as textures

Which makes the design as important as the practical aspect. In addition to its functional purpose, keeping the sun out, the fabric also has a visible function. Thanks to the wide range of beautiful and durable fabrics, you can match the cloth with your personal taste. The fabrics were treated against water and dirt and are always colourfast.



IO (interoperability)

Simple and dependable – that’s what it’s like to use our Somfy-powered awnings with IO control. Operating your patio cover or awning is effortless with the remote control.

Even better, IO control is future-forward: it’s the best choice for making the switch to the Tahoma Box later. Wondering what the Tahoma Box is? Well, it’s a smart box that acts as a hub for all your home operating systems. Download the Tahoma app to operate your sun shading solution with your smartphone or tablet. You can even set scenes based on time and temperature. For instance, when temperatures get too toasty, your screens lower automatically. Plus, your device lets you know when your sun shading solution is active. You don’t need to be home at all for efficient temperature control.

Somfy Tahoma (optional)

Looking for a real treat? Say hello to the Tahoma Box! Whether home or away, you’ve always got full control of your sun shading solution. Set your sun shading solution anytime and anywhere with a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Premium comfort is in the details. And that’s why you can set various scenes based on the time of day and temperature. That way, your screens automatically lower when it gets too hot out – even when you’re not home. Like home automation systems, the Tahoma box connects to the internet. That means you can remotely control your sun shading solution. Another great perk? Official installers and Brustor dealers can log into the system to troubleshoot any issues remotely. That’s a win-win for you and the installer. The box runs on IO and RTS systems for guaranteed compatibility.

Wired technology

Wired technology connects your awning’s control to the motors with physical wiring. You control your solution with a switch or a home automation panel.

WT motors are slightly less versatile and aren’t compatible with Somfy Smart Home.

But the major advantage of wired technology is that it allows seamless screen integration with your home automation system. So, you operate your Brustor solution the same way you do all your other household devices. All home automation systems are customised to the client’s needs, and Wired Technology offers the seamless integration you’re looking for.

Standard colours awnings
ANO 20µm
Brustor white
RAL 7016 textured anthracite grey
RAL 9001 cream
Standard colour frame
RAL 9007 ST
Optional colours
All colors
All RAL colours (with surcharge)


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