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Choose your sky! Join the trend of modular patio covers and choose what your roof looks like. Read all about our modular roofs here.


Choose a RAL colour based on your own personality and taste

Brustor offers a number of popular standard colours for every product. You can also make your choice from over 200 RAL colours so you can always find the perfect match.
Add a personal flourish to your patio and sun protection and choose your favourite RAL colour. Or match the colour of your windows. Coordinate your sun protection with your home.

Brustor has two ultra-modern and environmentally-friendly powder coating installations: a vertical and a horizontal installation. Powder coating is an electrostatic painting process, whereby powder that has received a negative charge is sprayed on an aluminium profile that received a positive charge using compressed air. The powder temporarily sticks after which it is melted or muffled in a furnace. The powder thus adheres to the profiles, creating a shock and abrasion-proof coating when they come out of the furnace.

The paint is not liquid. It is supplied as a powder. The powder particles contain a binding agent, pigment and excipients. We almost exclusively use polyester powders to powder-coat our aluminium profiles. These are extremely UV resistant and come in a wide range of contemporary RAL colours and textured finishes. RAL is the standard in the paint and coating industry.

Want more options to choose from? Brustor offers all the colours in the RAL Classic K7 collection, in a matte, satin and textured finish, except for the fluorescent and iridescent colours. The RAL Classic range features 213 different colours. You can use the RAL colour sampler in case of doubt or to determine the exact colour.

Textured finishes are becoming increasingly popular. Textured finishes are unique because they are very scratch-resistant and require less maintenance. The colour looks better as a result. This powder coating is matte and grainy and suited to all kinds of aluminium profiles. Certain colours are enriched with metallics, to add a slight sparkle.

To date, our standard colour RAL 7016 ST (anthracite grey) is the best-selling colour for pergolas and awnings. This stunning dark grey looks sleek and pared down and combines well with modern and more rustic homes. The same applies to our standard colour RAL 7039 ST (quartz grey), which is a more muted grey. The frame of our louvred roofs (in RAL 7016 ST or RAL 7039 ST) is often combined with slats in RAL 9016 ST (traffic white). Obviously you can also choose an all-white pergola. Give your creativity free rein!