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Brustor zonnescherm
Brustor zonnescherm
20 Mar 2022

3 steps to learn everything you've always wanted to know about sun protection

STEP 1: Create shade or live outdoors?

There is a significant difference between sun protection that creates shade and sun protection that enables you to live more outdoors. Generally speaking, sun protection shields you from the sun. This means that you can create shade on a sunny day. Screens will enable to control the temperature in your home while an awning or pergola ensure you can create shade on your terrace or in your garden. In addition to the traditional awnings, the trend for outdoor living has become more pronounced in recent years. Not only do consumers want to enjoy the shade, they want to enjoy outdoor living regardless of the weather conditions. Outdoor living pergolas are a perfect solution for this.

STEP 2: Awning or patio roof?

Choosing an awning

With an awning, you block out the sun on hot days, but maintain optimal light and heat incidence during the cooler months. Brustor tailors every awning to your home and your needs. Awnings with a retractable arm come in different types and models. The Brustor B24 is suitable for every style, while the Brustor B25 has a more classic look. The Brustor B27, on the other hand, is a better match for contemporary architecture. The numerous little differences in design result in a wide range of products. 

Choosing a patio roof

Pergolas or patio roofs are becoming quite popular. You can choose a stand-alone or lean-to pergola. In Belgium, 7 out of 10 products are lean-to solutions, with the pergola becoming an extension of the living space. A louvered roof pergola is the perfect solution if you want more than just creating shade. Think, for example, of an outdoors dinner during a small shower or enjoying your breakfast outside on a chilly spring day. We also see more creative uses, such as an outdoor fitness room, outdoor kitchen or jacuzzi covering. A louvered patio roof is also a perfect alternative to a pool house. A louvered roof with built-in screens (for example the Brustor B200 XL) also provides the necessary privacy and keeps out the cool wind.


STEP 3: Sun protection made to measure

If you are considering an awning or a patio roof, you should get some professional advice before making your decision. Have a Brustor dealer visit your home, to see how the light falls and discuss orientation, so they can draw up a custom quotation, in line with your wishes. In recent years, personalisation has become a trend, with pergolas and awnings that are fully made to measure. This means that you can choose the colour of the frame, the fabricor the louvers and can customise it, with different lighting, heating or music options.


Ready for some sunny inspiration?

Download our informative and inspirational brochures free of charge and discover our wide range of Brustor outdoor sun protection: awnings, screens, conservatory awnings, and patio covers.