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Brustor B300 pergola met harmonicadoek
Brustor B300 pergola met harmonicadoek
17 Aug 2022

5 fun things to do in your own garden

Summer is here. It’s time to slow down while the heat goes up. We are convinced that your own backyard is the perfect spot to unwind and spend some time with friends, family, or just in solitude. You don't feel inspired? Here are 5 nice ideas!

1. It’s cocktail o’clock!

Why make things so difficult when you can just grab some tasty snacks and your favorite drink? Enjoy the summer breeze with your loved ones until late at night.

2. A dip in the pool

Is there another heat wave coming up? Then you should definitely take a dip in the pool. Your overheated body will get some cooling down and your kids will be entertained for hours. And if you have had enough of the sun and water, you can seek out the shade under a patio cover. A pergola can be used as a pool house to relax and even store swimming gear.  

3. Outdoor dining

In summer, you should take advantage of the fine weather and dine outside. Enjoying good food and good company, that's all we need. The best part? You can stay outside until the middle of the night with cozy atmospheric lighting and comfortable patio heaters.

4. Playing board games

What’s more fun than taking board games off the shelf? Play a game of Scrabble, Rummikub, or Monopoly in the late afternoon and get totally absorbed by it. Is there too much wind to play outside? A patio cover with screens not only provides protection from the sun, but also from the wind. And remember that participation is more important than winning!

5. Time to relax

Do you feel like you need to recharge your batteries? Well, take out your yoga pants, book, or headphones and unwind in your own little piece of nature. Let go of all the tension and allow yourself a moment's rest.


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