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Header B128 vs B128 XL
11 Jul 2023

B128 vs B128 XL: streamlined elegance vs abundant shade

The B128 and B128 XL - two Brustor pergolas with matching names… Let’s take a closer look at the two for a glimpse of the similarities and differences. The names tip you off to the key difference: ‘XL’ stands for shade in abundance.

BRUSTOR B128 pergola with retractable fabric roof at brasserie De Waterkant BRUSTOR B128 pergola with retractable fabric roof at brasserie De Waterkant

Balancing sun and shade: what the B128 and B128 XL have in common

The B128 and B128 XL have many similarities. Are you looking for shelter from the sun? Or would you like to create a new outdoor space? The B128 and B128 XL can make it happen. Both pergolas are equipped with a practical fabric roof and are mounted to your home. So, remember: neither pergola is intended as a stand-alone feature in your garden. They are specially designed to seamlessly connect your home and outdoor space.

The fabric roof of both pergolas – like retractable awnings – can easily be opened or closed by remote control or with the app. You have complete control over the shade on your patio. Plus, you decide how much natural light you enjoy indoors.

Choose from a wide range of options

What makes the B128 and B128 XL even more appealing? They can be fully customised to meet your unique needs. For example, you could add mood lighting, heating, or screens to your pergola. And when it comes to fabric colours and materials, the sky’s the limit. Ultimately, your pergola is a unique creation that flawlessly matches your personal style. Please keep in mind pergola options may vary. More information about the available options can be found in the brochure or on the B128 and B128 XL product pages 

Unleash your creativity and create the outdoor space of your dreams. The B128 and B128 XL aren’t just stylish and practical pergolas... They transform your outdoor space into an oasis of comfort and tranquillity.

B128 and B128 XL: the similarities at a glance

  • Pergolas with a retractable fabric roof
  • Mounted to your home
  • Endless options for personalising your patio cover
B128 XL Pergola B128 XL Pergola

The B128 pergola: streamlined elegance

For years, the B128 pergola has justifiably been one of our range’s best sellers. Its streamlined structure is easily its biggest asset, ensuring an open, lavish view of your garden. Our designers are dedicated to a flawless aesthetic, which means we aim for every Brustor product to be a joy to the eye and an asset to every home design.

Click here for more information about B128 pergola.

Abundant shade thanks to the B128 XL pergola

The primary difference between the B128 and the B128 XL is the structure: the B128 XL is specially designed to shade large surfaces. To that end, its frame is also more robust. But it remains just as true to Brustor’s characteristic minimalist and stylish design. Consequently, you get the most out of abundant outdoor shade on outsized patios. What better solution for restaurants with large outdoor dining areas? On top of that, the B128 XL can be equipped with sleek screens that integrate almost seamlessly into the pergola’s frame.

Click here for more information about B128 XL pergola.

B128 XL Pergola B128 XL Pergola

Two iterations, one range: the differences between the B128 and B128 XL pergolas

Let’s recap. The B128 is best suited to small spaces, while the B128 XL has a more robust look and is perfect for shading large surfaces. Moreover, the B128 XL pergola’s frame has integrated screens for a sleek finish. B128 screens, in contrast, are built onto the frame. Aside from that? The two pergolas are remarkably alike and favourites of the Brustor range.



B128 XL


Streamlined frame with compact supports

Robust frame based on the B200 XL

Screens (option)


Optional solar-powered valance


LED lighting (option)

In the supports

Side rails

Support beam

In the supports

Side rails

Support beam

Dimmable LED spots in horizontal crossbeams

Patio heating (option)

2000W / 2200W

2000W / 2200W

Drainage system


Drainage system built into the support: via the triangular inlets visible at the front

Drainage integrated into the front supports: fully integrated system invisible from the outside

Max. dimensions

6 m x 5 m (without valance)

5 m x 5 m (with valance)

6 m x 5 m

5 m x 6 m

Adjustable height

Optional: adjustable support

height with adjustable foot





RAL colours

Standard: RAL7016 ST, RAL 9016 ST

Available in other RAL colours

Standard: RAL7016 ST, RAL 9016 ST

Available in other RAL colours


Minimalist, refined details and finish, concealed screws


Perfect extension for contemporary and traditional homes

Stand-alone in the garden or mounted

No stand-alone option

Interested in the B128 or B128 XL pergola? Request a free quote from a dealer near you.