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24 Jul 2023

Brustor patio covers and awnings for carefree life in the sun

Brustor is all about outdoor living and making your outdoor life good for you. And shade plays a pivotal role, especially during spring and summer when your skin requires extra sun protection. Brustor patio covers and Brustor awnings are proven first-rate sun protection solutions. Keep reading to learn how the B200XL patio cover and B27 retractable awning are great ways to shade you and your outdoor space.

The B200XL patio cover: shade when and how you want it

The B200XL is a patio cover with rotating louvers. Louvers empower you to decide when and how much shade you enjoy. Rotate the louvers shut during the day to create a shady haven from the sun, and rotate them back open at dusk as the sun slowly dips below the horizon. Opening the louvers also allows accumulated heat to escape.

Brustor B200 (XL) aluminium patio roof with slats Brustor B200 (XL) aluminium patio roof with slats

The B200XL patio cover serves perfectly as an outdoor home extension or a stand-alone garden room. Being able to seal off your outdoor space with ZIP screens? That’s one of the biggest Brustor patio cover advantages. These screens are installed on the sides to keep out the low-level sun and keep wind and insects at bay. Say hello to a carefree day spent outdoors.

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The B27 awning: always the best shade, comfort, and a welcoming vibe

For creating terrace shade, there’s nothing quite like a retractable awning like the B27. Mounting the awning to your façade not only shades your terrace, but it also keeps the sun from scorching your indoor space. You get to bask in the beautiful outdoor weather during the day and step back into a cool house at night – all thanks to an awning.

In terms of style, awnings have evolved to seamlessly match your home. And when your awning is fully retracted, the housing is nearly invisible. When you take advantage of your awning is up to you. Because remember...awnings aren’t just for daytime. They’re also brilliant evening assets. LED lighting conveniently provides night-time garden light and, by proxy, a space to comfortably unwind at the end of the day. Enjoy a scrumptious breakfast in the shade or delve into a good book in the evening – aperitif in hand. Anything is possible.

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Having breakfast under Brustor's B27 retractable awning Having breakfast under Brustor's B27 retractable awning

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