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Brustor B200XL Lamellen overkapping
Brustor B200XL Aluminium overkapping met lamellendak
10 Sep 2022

Create an extra space in your garden with the B200 (XL) pergola

Our garden is becoming an increasingly important part of our living experience. In the past, garden design was not given much attention, but nowadays a garden evolves into a place of activity and peace. Not only during summer and spring to enjoy the beautiful rays of the sun but also during autumn and winter we want to eagerly use our outdoor space. A terrace roof is essential for this purpose: it provides you with all the necessary comfort to fully enjoy each season.

Outdoor kitchen or lounge area

Your garden reflects your personality, just as your interior does. So we see a trend to dress up gardens more and more completely. The outdoor kitchen, for example, a place where you can cook outside with all the comforts of inside, is a popular addition to the garden. But also the classic Jacuzzi, dining room, or lounge area are no longer to be missed in the garden design. It's clear: we want to spend more time outside.

A pergola, more than just sun protection

With a patio roof, you can complete your outdoor space by creating a sheltered retreat. In summer, a patio roof protects you from the sun, but in the autumn and winter, it serves its purpose as well. Outside dining on a terrace is probably not the first thing you think of in the winter, but with the right decoration, it can be super cozy. Thanks to screens, patio heating, and atmospheric LED lighting, you can create a warm cocoon that is just as cozy as inside, but which also keeps in touch with your garden and nature.

The B200 (XL): the most complete patio roof

The B200 (XL) is not for nothing the crowd pleaser within the Brustor range. This pergola is equipped with tiltable louvers and is available in large sizes. In addition, the B200 (XL) can be installed in the most diverse combinations: single, lean-to, with double roof, as built-in roof, coupled, in star- or L-shape with an overhang or a door pole. Large areas can be completely covered, which makes the B200 (XL) the ideal roof for catering applications. The B200 (XL) is not only functional, but a great deal of thought has also gone into its design. All disruptive elements such as screws and loose cables have been completely concealed in a sleek and minimalist design.

Tailored to your needs

Every Brustor patio cover is produced to your measure. So you can choose between different options to personalize your pergola. Of course, you choose the dimensions, the RAL colour and the louvers. With integrated screens, you are protected against the sun, wind and insects. For a cosy evening you can add terrace heating and atmospheric LED lighting to your pergola. Choose for integrated Bluetooth speakers and power outlets for the right tune and extra comfort.

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