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16 Feb 2024

Create an irresistible professional outdoor dining area with a Brustor patio cover or retractable awning

In the world of hospitality, you’ve got to be a cut above, offering customers unforgettable experiences. A simple yet powerful way to accomplish that is by upgrading your outdoor dining area with a Brustor patio cover or awning.

Brustor guarantees stylish patio covers and awnings that protect against the elements and lift your hospitality business’ aesthetic to a whole new level. Unfailing commitment to creating customised solutions that match your business’ needs and one-of-a-kind vibe – they put Brustor in a class of its own.

Customised solutions

At Brustor, we understand that every outdoor dining space is different. It inspires us to go above and beyond to meet your needs. And above and beyond means more than just the size required to shade your patio or outdoor dining space.

Instead, picture a beautifully lit terrace where customers can comfortably while away the time, whatever the weather. Brustor makes it happen by combining first-rate materials and a whole range of options, drawing the warmth and hygge of your interior into your outdoor space. From built-in screens, LED lighting, sockets, sliding wooden panels and patio heating to custom colours – Brustor customises to make your dreams come true. So, you get what you want, whether the look is sleek and trendy or stately and classic.

Get inspired by Brustor and discover how to upgrade your restaurant or hotel’s outdoor dining area with a Brustor patio cover or retractable awning.

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