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Header B300 terrasoverkapping met verlichting
28 Feb 2020

Discover the multi-functionality of custom-made patio canopies tailored to your house and garden

A patio canopy or pergola can be used for so many purposes other than merely shielding your patio from the elements. This type of sunshade offers even more benefits and comfort than you could imagine.

Functionality and aesthetics rolled into one

You can create extra space that genuinely contributes added value to your house. Our pergolas are fully custom-made to enable everyone to put together their very own unique canopy. The frames as well as the louvres are available in a wide range of colours. If you have a stand-alone construction, you can create a sense of unity by opting for a frame and louvres in the same colour, for example. On the other hand, if your pergola is built onto your house (a lean-to construction), the colour of the frame is often chosen to match your window frames and complemented by white louvres to guarantee an optimum ingress of light into your house. Our pergolas can also be personalised thanks to various options like LED lighting, screens, heating or even Bluetooth loudspeakers. We have pergolas in all shapes, colours and sizes that can be adapted to suit every style, from country living to modern architecture. Wooden sliding doors integrated into a wooden and aluminium pergola is, for example, an attractive option for a country-style house.

Brustor B200 terrace covering with screens nature Brustor B200 terrace covering with screens nature

Have we convinced you and are you ready to enjoy outdoor living? How about a chilled glass of rosé and some appetizers in your own peaceful oasis or in the centre of activity? And when the sun starts to set, you can simply switch on the lights at the touch of a button. Is it becoming a little chilly? The same applies to our patio heaters. We provide everything to help you enjoy your outdoor living moment as long as possible.

Much more than just a sunshade

Generally speaking, a sunshade is a something that shields you from the sun. This means that you can create shade on a sunny day, depending on the weather. We have, however, noticed a growing trend in the past few years. Not only do we want to sit in the shade, we want to enjoy outdoor living regardless of the weather conditions. An awning can’t provide a solution for all your needs: you can’t really sit underneath an awning when there are heavy winds or in the pelting rain, for example.


The perfect solution? A pergola or a canopy with a louvred roof

This offers many more options than just allowing you to sit in the shade. How about not having to stop barbecuing during a short summer downpour, or enjoying your breakfast outdoors on a brisk spring morning, out of the wind. You can even think one stop further and use your patio canopy as an outdoor gym, lounge or Jacuzzi roof. A louvred roof is also a perfect alternative for a pool house. And with built-in screens (e.g. the Brustor B200) you will have all the privacy you need,  while keeping out the wind and the chilly evening breezes.

Brustor B200 XL  terrace roof at water's edge Brustor B200 XL terrace roof at water's edge

Read on for five popular examples of outdoor living beneath a patio canopy:

Brustor B200 patio roof over jacuzzi with tilted slats Brustor B200 patio roof over jacuzzi with tilted slats

1. The perfect relaxation area

If you have a Jacuzzi you want to enjoy it as frequently as possible and don’t want poor weather conditions to spoil the fun. However, if you place a canopy over it you can simply go on savouring your ‘wellness moment’, regardless of an unpredicted shower. 

2. An outdoor dining area for bon vivants

A louvred roof is indispensable for cooking enthusiasts. Enjoy a delicious meal or barbecue beneath your patio canopy and impress your friends with your culinary skills all year round. The pergola will let you create shade where necessary, with an alfresco dining area that is shielded from the elements as a result.

Brustor B200 Terrace roofing as a covered dining area Brustor B200 Terrace roofing as a covered dining area
Brustor B200 XL patio roof with slats at the pool Brustor B200 XL patio roof with slats at the pool

3. A covered gym

Covered but still outside in nature. And never dependent on the weather? No more excuses, create your own work-out area now. Are you a fitness enthusiast and would you like to do some of your exercises at home, but don’t have enough space? A patio canopy is the perfect solution. Besides offering space to work out, a pergola is also perfect for meditation and simply relaxing, unwinding and enjoying the ultimate outdoor experience.

4. A safe and reliable playing area

A pergola is also perfect for children’s parties or after-school play dates for your kids. This way, you can encourage your children to spend time outdoors while still keeping a watchful eye on them.

B250XL Brustor Bioclimatic Pergola with tiltables louvers: together at the pool B250XL Brustor Bioclimatic Pergola with tiltables louvers: together at the pool
Brustor terrace covering Brustor terrace covering

5. The ideal pool house

Host a fantastic pool party during the day and in the evening thanks to our integrated LED lighting and patio heaters.

An infinite number of options and the versatility of our pergolas will guarantee the ultimate outdoor experience all year round.