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Choose your sky! Join the trend of modular patio covers and choose what your roof looks like. Read all about our modular roofs here.

Brustor B600 S Terrasoverkapping met lamellen
Brustor B600 S Terrasoverkapping met lamellen
25 Aug 2021

Enjoy outdoor living to the fullest with a retractable pergola

Make the most of the sunshine thanks to a patio cover with a sliding roof. On hot days, close the roof for a wonderful, cooling shade. On cold days, open the roof for maximum sunlight. Is your roof attached to your house? Then you have no loss of light in your home. Bringing the inside out has never been easier!

Brustor B600 S louvered roof Brustor B600 S louvered roof

Roof with fabric or louvers

Retractable pergolas come with two types of roofs: a fabric roof or a louvered roof. A louvered roof allows you to tilt the louvers to the desired position and to slide them fully open. If you choose a pergola with a fabric roof, you can open and close the fabric as needed. Both types of roofs can be easily operated remotely, even with your smartphone or tablet.

A patio cover with a sliding roof has many advantages. In addition to a maximum incidence of light, your pergola also provides natural ventilation. By tilting the louvers or opening the roof a little, you ensure that warm air can rise and escape. The durable fabric can withstand a splash of rain, wind, and dirt, so you can enjoy your outdoor space even after summer. Finally, you can completely personalize your canopy to your liking. There are plenty of additional options available such as integrated LED lighting, patio heating, screens, Bluetooth speakers, and power outlets.

All Brustor pergolas with a retractable roof at a glance

The B600 S retractable louvered roof

The B600 S patio cover has S-shaped louvers that slide together very compactly: when the roof is fully open, the louvers only comprise 13% of the total surface, which is exceptional on the patio cover market. A beautiful autumn day with lots of sun or a little rain? The B600 S adapts throughout the year. Tilt the louvers as needed, close them or slide them fully open. The choice is entirely up to you! The B600 S has integrated screens nicely built into the frame.

Brustor B300 patio cover with folding roof

The B300 patio roof has a folding roof that can be easily operated electrically. This pergola can be attached to your house or placed freestanding in your garden. For the folding roof, you can choose from a range of durable fabrics that are resistant to rain, wind, and dirt. Unlike other canopies, there is no need for a slope, which ensures a flat and horizontal design.

Brustor B300 pergola with folding roof Brustor B300 pergola with folding roof

Brustor B128 pergola

The Brustor B128 combines the advantages of a pergola with the advantages of an awning. The B128 is attached to your house just like an awning. The fabric roof of the B128 is tightly secured in the guides thanks to the durable ZIP screen technology. The slim but robust structure ensures that the pergola almost disappears into the architecture of the house, allowing you to maintain a panoramic view of your garden.

Brustor B128 Pergola Brustor B128 Pergola

All the advantages of a retractable roof at a glance

  • Enjoy maximum light in your home when the roof is open
  • Choose between a fabric roof or a louvered roof.
  • Personalize it to your liking with lots of extra options
  • Simple electric operation with a remote control or smartphone