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21 Sep 2023

Get the most out of Autumn with Brustor’s Outdoor Living and sun protection solutions

If you believed that you could only savor pleasant weather in spring and summer, think again. With Brustor, you are able to take delight in the weather even during Autumn. We're offering you three potential ways to make the most of Autumn weather, but the opportunities are boundless.

Transform your B200 (XL) pergola into a cozy get-together spot

Invite your friends over to enjoy the last days of nice weather under the B200(XL) pergola without having to give up the comforts of indoors. The B200 (XL) system is a popular choice because of its customizability. You have the option to convert the pergola into a pleasant area for socializing with friends or even as an overnight guest accommodation.

BRUSTOR B200 (XL) Patio roof with louvred roof as guesthouse BRUSTOR B200 (XL) Patio roof with louvred roof as guesthouse

Thanks to the optional glass panels*, sliding panels and integrated ZIP screens you are able to close the space off from outside influences to provide you with some extra privacy and protection from the wind. Transform the pergola into a cozy haven to enjoy until late at night with the customizable LED lighting (LED strips and LED spots). No need to be concerned about the temperature dropping, as you can simply activate the heater when it becomes cool. All ingredients for a perfect night with friends.

Enjoy reading a book outside thanks to the B720 pergola with glass and louvered roof

Nothing is more relaxing than reading a book out of doors. Under the B720 patio cover with glass and louvered roof you can find your secluded spot to get fully immersed into a good book. The glass makes sure to heat up the air under the roof which is ideal when it gets colder outside. During hotter days, you can adjust the louvers for more air circulation and to reduce the temperature beneath the roof. By incorporating ZIP screens to shield against the wind, your cozy reading corner is complete. The ZIP screens are seamlessly integrated into the beams to ensure the patio cover maintains its sleek and clean design.

BRUSTOR B720 Glass and louvered roof pergola as reading nook BRUSTOR B720 Glass and louvered roof pergola as reading nook

Do you like to read when it’s dark outside? With the different LED options you can make sure that you can finish your book even when the sun has disappeared. Choose spots or strips and create the lit space you desire. Nothing to make your reading nook more entrancing than the right lighting to set the mood.

Enjoyable late summer days thanks to an awning with LED lighting

Looking for an alternative to the patio covers? Maybe a Brustor awning is just what you are looking for. Awnings are perfect for sun protection but can be so much more. With LEDs added to the arms and underneath the box you can create a cozy spot to enjoy the night. You can dim the lighting to get the right setting for every occasion.

BRUSTOR B25 awning with valance and LED lighting BRUSTOR B25 awning with valance and LED lighting

Considering an awning option that includes a valance, such as the B25 or B38 models? Opting for a valance provides shielding from the setting sun, added privacy, and even some coverage during light rain.  The awning quickly becomes the ideal solution for those looking for an alternative for the patio cover.

With Brustor's outdoor living and sun protection solutions, there's no need to wait until summer to relish the outdoors. Even in autumn, you can fully appreciate your garden. Whether you're inviting guests to gather beneath the B200(XL) pergola, immersing yourself in a book under the B720 glass and louvered roof, or savoring the late summer days beneath an awning featuring LED lighting, Brustor makes it all attainable.


*Glass panels are not produced by Brustor. For more information, please reach out to your nearest Brustor dealer.