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06 Oct 2021

Hot, cold, sun or rain? Enjoy your terrace at all times.

The whims of the weather are unpredictable. The warm sun rays can quickly turn into dark clouds. Do you want to make the most of your terrace, even during the colder days? Then an aluminium pergola is an ideal solution! The B250 XL patio cover, a newcomer to the Brustor range, is a very versatile pergola with a louvered roof that offers a lot of possibilities.

Brustor B250XL aluminium terrace covering Brustor B250XL aluminium terrace covering

Sun or a splash of rain?

The B250 XL is an aluminium patio roof with tiltable louvers that you can operate automatically to the position you want. Open, closed, tilted, something in between... Control the sun the way you want to. The louvers can rotate up to 135°, so you can always enjoy the right amount of sun or shade as you wish. Thanks to the perfect connection of the louvers to the gutters, the roof is splashproof. This offers ideal protection against splashing water and prevents a cold air flow between the louvers and the gutters.

Cosy warmth and atmospheric lighting

Do you also want to enjoy a cozy dinner outside in the evening? This is possible thanks to extra options such as terrace heating and atmospheric lighting. The B250 XL's great advantage is that the heat is retained longer under the roof because it cannot escape through the structure. Would you like extra protection against wind and sun? Then it's best to choose integrated screens. These are possible on all sides and can be divided with a doorpost to create an opening for quick passage. Finally, create the right atmosphere with dimmable lighting such as LED strips in the louvers or spotlights in the structure. So many possibilities to give your terrace the look you want!

Brustor B250 XL aluminium terrace cover with sun protection Brustor B250 XL aluminium terrace cover with sun protection

Versatile configuration and personalization options

The B250 XL can be placed in many different configurations: attached to your house, linked to cover a large area or freestanding in your garden. The choice is entirely up to you! In addition to the many options and configuration possibilities, the B250 XL offers additional features for personalization. Choose from a wide range of RAL colors, so that your pergola matches the color of your windows perfectly. We see a trend towards black windows at the moment, so we also offer the option of RAL9005 ST for our pergolas.  You can easily operate your pergola with a remote control or via an app on your smartphone. Would you like to finish off your terrace to the last detail? Then you can install built-in power sockets and Bluetooth speakers for a complete outdoor living experience.