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06 Mar 2024

Make the most of spring with a Brustor patio cover or retractable awning

Spring is in the air! Longer days, nature awakening from its long sleep, and plenty of sunshine – we all can’t wait! And nothing beats a cosy garden room or shaded patio for soaking up all that spring splendour and mellow evening get-togethers with family and friends.

Create a garden room or bring the hygge indoors outside with a patio cover.

Bliss is spending those first spring evenings outside, cosily cocooned in a blanket, watching the first stars twinkle into existence. Brustor’s outdoor living solutions come in all shapes and sizes. Create a separate garden room with a freestanding cover, or bring your living room outside with a wall-mounted awning or roof. These outdoor spaces invite you to indulge in nature’s beauty. Still feel a little too chilly to you? Integrated ZIP screens and cosy patio heating ensure you can comfortably unwind and while away the hours carefree. This is your chance to create more living space this spring, perfect for family parties, outdoor dinners, and relaxing me-time.

Brustor’s eclectic outdoor living solutions offer all kinds of benefits. Whether you go for a rotating louvered roof, retractable louvers, a fabric roof, a glass roof, or a hybrid glass and louvered roof, Brustor saves the day with a customised solution for every challenge.

Enjoy flexible shading with a retractable awning

Is a patio cover not quite what you had in mind? But would you still like to get the most out of outdoor living? Retractable awnings allow you to transform your patio into a shady haven. Simply extend the awning for a relaxed spring meal with nature as your backdrop. Brustor’s retractable awnings come in various shapes and sizes. Even better, options like LED lighting and patio heating make your outdoor space extra welcoming. For instance, chilly nights won’t stand in the way of a little late-night reading or a drink with friends.

The conclusion? Awnings offer a whole lot more than sun protection. From additional garden lighting to preserving the patio heating’s heat just that bit longer – awnings are a dynamic outdoor solution. What more could you want? Awnings are the solution for outdoor lovers without enough space for a permanent cover.

Brustor has precisely what you’re looking for, with an extensive range of shading and sun protection solutions. Make the most out of spring. Our patio covers and awnings are here to help you seamlessly step into a new outdoor living season.


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