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07 Oct 2022

Project Amfora: a perfectly covered patio for your hospitality business with the B200 XL

The B200 (XL) pergola is perfectly suitable for the hospitality industry. Ask hotel and restaurant Amfora in Poperinge (Belgium)!

Itโ€™s certainly the most adaptable patio cover on the market today. The B200 XL patio cover is available in large dimensions and can be mounted in different ways: single, lean-to, with double roof, as built-in roof, coupled, in star or L shape with an overhang or door pole. That way, large surfaces can be completely covered according to the size of each terrace. Every option or function has its own purpose, whether it is to protect, improve or increase your outdoor space.

Colours: Frame: RAL 7016 | Louvers: RAL 9016

Options: Integrated ZIP screens, LED lighting, Patio Heating